Monday, November 17, 2008

Primary school-mate gathering

This gathering is specially for Ping Ming 6H class gathering...

Location: Han Guan's House.
Activity : BBQ then GoGo KTV ( lilian suggested )
Date : 13th December 2008 ( Saturday )
Time : 6pm until as u like..
Pay : RM20 each person ( extra will be give back )

Update confirm attendance:
Peng Yan
May Way
Li Lian

Pei Chai
Swee Long
Siu lee
Wei Jun
Swee Chin
Han Guan
Kong Yin
Poh Juan
Wen Cheng
Ai Fen
Li Yee
Chee Wei
Sheng Chai
Li Juan
Sheng Yuan
Ki Wen (come after exam )
Li Xing ( come after work )
Soo Teck

Not Confirm:
Ki Yew ( got work, trying to come after work )
Chen Siong
Yang Feng

Not Going:
Sui Xian ( at Singapore )
Zhe Chang ( work )
Ju Ngn
Chye Yin
Teacher Tong
Chui Cheng


Anyway suggestion , comment, opinion, complain, discussion etc etc please leave at the comment below, so that we can discuss together.

Han Guan'House Map

Address: No.33, Jalan TSS 8, Taman Seri Songket, 75350 Melaka.

make sure you guys print out the map if don't know how to go.
Any question about this can call me Bing Xian (Bryan) 012-9203111, Han Guan 016-6960214 or Pei Chai 012-9734597.

Please let us know your comments about the coming gathering okay? leave your contact no. here will be better! =)

Please do let me know your attendance ASAP. Thank You

note: special thanks to mayway for the photo and pei chai for the namelist.


Bryan Hoo said...

I am no.10 卓炳贤!

Can't wait to see you guys all!
been 10 years since we graduate from primary school!
Wondering how everyone look like right now?! LOL

friendster & facebook :
msn :

Kiwen said...

我是徐志文...everyone must attend K...see u there~~
My msn:

Anonymous said...

I'm chye yin,mayb cant go bcuz mayb gt frame work..'l tel u if go..Bye:)

訫晴 said...


Bryan Hoo said...

huh chye yin cant make it =(

訫晴 = siu lee?
should put your name leh coz don't think they know who is 訫晴?? hahaha
put ur msn or any contact here la~

Way Way said...

hi hi !!! im may way i wish to see u all soon :) must come ok.

Way Way said...

may way here. pls add me in ur friendster, facebook, and YM with this email ( ) HP : 012 9203222

Anonymous said...

Hi, i'm Steven.....Tan Soo Teck ah.

Add me on friendster,msn and facebook :

My contact : 017-2278078.

Work at USJ2 as GMS programmer. Stay at Kota Kemuning (near Shah Alam).

-waiseng- said...

I wanna go can?

Bryan Hoo said...

you are too old for the gathering already. Xp

Rileen Aya said...

yoh. wth. wat about me. i... neighboring class..

Bryan Hoo said...

please come la!!!
u are green class also ma.. just half way leave us nia =(
Must fly back to malaka on 13th Dec no matter how!!! don't care! =p

Anonymous said...

Hello, I m sheng yuan.
Still remember me?
I have one more twins brother named Zhe Zhang.
Hmm... I m not sure I will free on that day or not. Whatever I will try my best to join u guys. ^^

Bryan Hoo said...

hey sheng yuan,
how are u there?
how are your brother zhe zhang?
did he free to come?
Sad to heard that u cant comfirm =(

P/S: Anyway, Guys for your information if the attendance cant hit to at least 20+ student available to come. Then i might cancel the gathering lo. =(

Anonymous said...

那是我的代号, 呵呵。。


caishenbao said...

ping ming xiao xue at kampung gadek??? m i correct?? sorry if i make a mistake...

Bryan Hoo said...

Ping Ming SRJK(c) at Pangkalama or Tun Sri Lanang there.

anyway, where kampung gadek???

Anonymous said...

So happy c u all guys out there.
very disappointed that i can't attend to the gathering. Hope u all enjoy it. Sure will very fund. ",

Anonymous said...

Hi hi Pei Chai here. 培才
Wish to see u all in the gathering after 10 years never c u all d.. haha!
by the way, pls help to contact more ppl lo for those who stil keep contact...
my msn is
phone number 012-9734597
pls add me o!
Eh! who stil keep contact wif swee sian har??

Anonymous said...

Wei Jun here 伟俊到此一游
miss u all, wan to meet u lo.
here my MSN, add me lo

Anonymous said...

Wen Cheng Confirm wan to attend d...

Eh Bryan, u haven change the number of Chin Siong and Siong Wee ar? Dat time i terbalik their number d...

Anonymous said...

wah, so many of my ex-classmate at there.i'm never keep contact with you all in long time i'm also miss you all much.wish u all will attend this gathering.....but for me, i'm not sure yet to attend....he...he...
anyway, i'm also nice to see u all on that day.
finally, i'm GohChoiCheng(翠珍).

chester ng said...

dun care!!!!i wan go n take many photo!!!!!!!!wahaha....

hp no. 0167700110

i am swee chin(淑晶)

Bryan Hoo said...

hey for your guys information,
the venue changed to han yuan ( 汉源 ) house already. His house at the Batu Berendam opposite the Airport there. for detail about his house. i will update here tonight. =)

Anonymous said...

few times gathering i was not there..... this time gathering, i will sure be there! see u all~~ muackkkks.....

Bryan Hoo said...

wah lilian give u guys free kiss sumore leh!
u guys must come leh.. haha ^^

Rileen Aya said...

:( 6 more weeksss

Anonymous said...

Hey guy and girl,see u all on that day. ^^

Anonymous said...

ohh.. I m senyuen... I forgot to write my name. XP

Anonymous said...

hey..chye yin here,i cant attend bcuz gt framework at kl,sory ya.

jane said...

halo, i'am jane(宝涓)long time no see liao,still remember me??very miss u all...the gethering i must attend..
my contact num is 016-6519817
my msn is

Frankie Tan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Frankie Tan said...

Hi all Zhiwei here, Im so happy to see this all and feel like going back to the past primary school time, 10 years already....feel quite strained to see you all..haha..i copy alot of email and added in the msn..well, lets see how will going on this saturday, see ya all.

Frankie Tan said...

i have called zhen xiong, yip chern ken,hock ren, trying to get xiong wee, yang feng, eng hock, +6 !!

Frankie Tan said...

My handphone stolen....sad...haha...lost all

Anonymous said...

i'm choi sorry ya, i can not attend this gathering,b'coz i'll go to kl attend a wedding dinner with my sorry to everybody.