Friday, May 25, 2007



Before back melacca for the sem break.
we went to the IKEA after fetch me at cyberia.

Thursday, May 24, 2007



early finish exam also useless

but frenzssssssssssss still got exam

no one go shopping together with me

no one want sing k with me

no one can watch movie with me

no any nice game to let me play

no girlfriend to let me paktou with

no translate to going back melacca now

no nice fooooooood at cyberjaya here

no one appreaciate the friendship gathering trip

no one want go KK climbing with me end of this year



Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Mentos in CocaCola [ Malaysia Version ]

Mentos in CocaCola [ Malaysia Version ]

FINALLY FINISH my gamma 3rd trimester final exam!

after the last paper, mickey call us go eat McD since we haven take our lunch yet around 415pm like that.

we was chitchat while we at McD there. we talk about those funny crazy thing that we did before and some crazy jackass sabotage movie. then suddenly we come talk about the mentos in cocacola. we watch the clip on net is about they (mat salleh ) put the mentos inside the cocacola then the cocacola will direct shot out from the bottle. we so curious about that coz we never see that before so we decide to buy 1 small bottle of cocacola and mentos to try it since the 7-11 shop just beside the McD only.

what will happen after that??? check the clip bellow!

For better view can watch in youtube. search with "Mentos in Coca-cola".

Monday, May 21, 2007

Hugo Lim 21st bday celebration

Hugo Lim 21st bday celebration

to celeb our friend Hugo Lim Wei Khang for being adult this year we decide to celeb with him at sunway Summer steamboat after a quite-long-pissed-off planning in conference. Before went Summer Me, Km, Mickey, Steven , Jessica and voonfei catch the nicholas cage movie NEXT on 5pm at Sunway Piramid.

this movie so far just okay okay for me la. yeah Nicholas Cage is a professional actor and he's good but this movie story line just a bit out of our mind. i just cant accept it when there's a part it remind me of the "Hiro" in Heroes and the "Naruto". Funny right? watch then u'll know..

so after done with the movie we having our dinner at summer steamboat. Meet Hugo, Damien , Belle , Dayze and Kester there. First time went there eat the place was not bad. everything normal but just 1 thing special is they got the BBQ service that we choose the meat and give them to bbq for us then after they bbq already they will bring to our table. so notneed for us to bbq just concentrate our steamboat. but tis service got abit disadvantage. that was u need to wait quite some time if they are alots of customer on that time. That's the only wait i dun really like, wait until my stomach full already the bbq still haven come =_=

Anyway, overall this Summer Steamboat not that good from what i expect la. coz the tomyam no tom yam taste at all. the meat also just few type only. Still more prefer the SK steamboat. feeling better while eating... more space also there. must find one day go there eat again~ oh ya, talk about eat, i miss the satey celup and the siham at melacca! satay celup and siham i coming soooon!!!!

here are some of the photo and video on that night.

SUMMER BBQ & Steamboat


waiting with peace!


taking photo inside a small lif~ (mana bdayboi?)


Thursday, May 17, 2007

Exam Season

Exam Season

my room fully decorate with MMU lec note

my breakfast, lunch, dinner or sometime supper

sleepless me

seriously i dont understand why i need to study protocol protocolsss

stressful housemate

4 days having 5 papers was really really don't play play
the stress will make u foodless sleepless moodless

but playing webcam with frenz was kinda fun too...

Baoz buat lawak-ing

connie was excited around 6am

Chloe aka lpz missed me

they bored without HIM?

That's wasn't me

GOOD LUCK and ALL THE BEST to all my friend who having exam now!


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Malaysian Is You, Malaysian Is Me

Malaysian Is You, Malaysian Is Me

nice song sing by Junio Hustle Ft. Point Blanc.
rap with cantonese, malay, english and tamil sumore! nice! must click and listen it!
who got lyric please let me know ya~ cant google it.

p/s: thanks nicolebaobei for the song~ ^^

Monday, May 14, 2007

Mai Goto- The cun-nest Girl

Mai Goto- The cun-nest Girl

Manchester United Title Celebrations

Manchester United Title Celebrations Part 1

Manchester United Title Celebrations Part 2

Manchester United Title Celebrations Part 3

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day~ <3

Happy Mother's Day~

BryaN's VIsualDNA

BryaN's VIsualDNA

Ramdon picture :: kawaii gal from japan!

Ramdon picture :: kawaii gal from japan!

Ovoi Ghenanke from Japan*

kawaii neh~~~~~~ ^^

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Ramdon picture :: yan yan & nee nee

Ramdon picture :: yan yan & nee nee

to nee nee,

be happy smile always
think positive
tomorrow will be better
be there for u any time

by only yan yan

Malaysian Joke

Malaysian Joke

only malaysian will understand! LOL

Title : Why British think 80% of M'sians coming to UK to study law?

UK Immigration Officer: Purpose of visit?

Visitor: I'm here to study law, sir.

Officer: You know, you must have a lot of lawyers in Malaysia .

Visitor: Why do you say that?

Officer: Well, i've been here for a good twenty years, and I'd say 80%
of Malaysians I see here say they're here to read law.

Visitor: Oh, really? That's really something i never knew. Hard to
believe in fact.

Officer: Just you watch, then. You just stand here until the next
Malaysian comes along, and I'll bet he's here to read law.

*Visitor waits for 5 mins, Ah Chong from Malaysia comes to immigration

Officer: Mr. Ah Chong, purpose of visit?

Ah Chong: Study lorr...

Found at friend blog so share share the joke with frenz here =)

Thursday, May 10, 2007

figthing 4:40am

figthing 4:40am

i was studying at my living hall ydaynite since i cant fall in sleep and final is coming very soon.

there around 4:40am i heard very loud fighting voice came from my block. so i walk to my kitchen window to see what going on. At first i din see anything just can heard some guy was scolding each others with alos of F words and banging the door gate loud noise.

when i going to walked back to my table to continue the "Protocols" paper. Suddenly i saw some dunno-where-they-from-international students weare pushing each others outside their unit just bellow my floor. 2 guys from them their hand still holding 2 bottle of Caslberg beer. One of them throw the bottle from the 4th floor corridor but it hit on the wall break and make the floor on 3rd floor full of bottle break pieces. The fighting was very noisy, some of them close their kitchen immediately while they heard the fighting.

I didn't did that because i was busy with record this at that moment.

(click the image to view the video)

not really clear coz using hp to record it.
and i just get the Ending of the fighting in the End nothing much special!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Speed Traps - LDP


Please note that the LDP highway speed
limit will be
monitored by the CCTV.
The speed limit is 90 kmh and if you go
above that at 91 kmh,
the camera will auto record and pass to
the Police Traffic.

The few identified areas where the CCTV
is monitoring are as follows:

1) on the overhead pedestrian bridge in
front of Kelana Jaya LRT station,
monitoring the straight stretch

2) Somewhere near Western Digital (CCTV
might be on Western Digital),
monitoring the straight stretch in
front of the Kelana Jaya Seafood

3) On IKEA, Monitoring straight stretch
in front of IKEA and 1 Utama

4) On the double overhead bridge,
monitoring the stretch between the
Puchong toll and the Federal Highway

5) In the tunnel near SS2 (please note
that the speed limit is 60kmh,
Not 90kmh)

Saturday, May 05, 2007

End of April

End of April

Back Melacca last weekend, thought that can have a resting before stress for coming final exam. But end with every night went out! =_=|||

Friday Evening:
First thing done once reach melacca was cut my stupid ugly hair. so my hair is short now since dun hav any new hairstyle in my mind yet.

Friday Night:
Gathering with my alpha buddies..

GWY aka Harlow

LKS aka MuiMui

LME aka Vian aka Popo

NSY aka Siaw yin ( why she dun hav others nick name from me huh?)

Bryan Hoo aka Bryan Hoo aka Bryan Hoo

After gathering went Station3 KTV with Baoz, Cheeky, Aya, and etc etc...

who the gal beside me? ( answer bellow)

Saturday afternoon:
Changed my alpha-till-gamma spec with new OnTheMove (da brand name) spec.

Old Spec - Alpha

New Spec - Now ( My face suck~ )

Saturday night:
Baoz 21st birthday party. Meet Van, Sue, June, Aya (again ) and etc etc...

Baozilla HairyFox !

Almost Miss the shot coz the MU match that night!

That's HER! my childhood lover! Aya aka Chua Guey Ling aka Rileen aka HantuLing aka ( thinking... )

More Photo HERE!