Sunday, October 08, 2006

Long Time never have tis feel already

woo.... really long time never have tis feel already..
what feel is that?

i lost this feel since looooooong time ago... can see frm the date on my previous previous entry.. haha..

anyway, many thing happen.. but dun think i can write it out here d... too bad...

now 7:56am.. me jus wake up?! IMposible..
whole nite din sleep.. studying?? Imposible also..
whole nite fei fei infront of pc.. heardache whole night.. try to sleep on bed on 2am sumthing d. but headache till cant sleep then sit infront pc until now! =_=|||
i wonder if i use the time to study i think i can finish half of the book d.
dunno why when i face my pc i wont tired 1.. tired also duwan go sleep. but study.. 1 hour even 30min then tired d.. then jalan sini jalan sana.. then end with facing my leng lui pc..
ohya, why i call my pc leng lui? i said my pc is leng lui coz everytime i study sure cant get attempt by her.. study a while then go meet HER already... cant prevent her tempting :P
and another one is my loupo bed... another attempting thing also.. they 2 always fight to attempt me to acc them.. ish.. make me cant study at home!
then sure got ppl ask me why duwan go library study? why? coz that library la.. why build so far.. haha.. need to walk to campus library.. not tat far but lazy lah.. the road is like goin up hill like tat leh.. when think to walk there n no mood to go library.. but library really let me concerntare study... if i got car i sure no problem d.. hehe.. sound like many excuse huh? one word for me myself: LAZY!

Goin to buy a new hp with camera 1. i wan a camera hp since long time ago.. but always cant success saving.( who ask me like to spend alots! >< ) now thinking a way to hide my some saving.. so that i wont take it and use it! must do tat d! coz my hp goin to spoil d. now still can use but need to open loud speaker only listen. imagine in LRT or BUS.. damn paiseh ><
anyway , if i got camera phone d. my blog sure will be very nice d.. hehe.. i cant put nice nice pic d. now when i see sumthing nice wanna snap also cannot.. camera here also dun hav.. haih..
hopefully my saving can success!

now, suddenly very miss my mlc frenz! really long time never meet them d. almost lost contact with them already can say so.. coz since gamma year thelife bz like hell.. assignment, exam, n b4 that i worked sumore. totally dun hav time for me to chat with frenz.
For my frenz, i really miss u all.. alth i din find u all, sms, chat at all.. but sincerely miss u in my heart... sumthing miss u all at midnight b4 sleep or early in the morning thinking to sms u all... but scare disturd u all sleeping that y din send at last.
anyway, holiday soon.. hope can meet u all soon la!!!!


Friday, October 06, 2006

Im so uselessssssss

Wonder why i start blog again...
blog at this time of period...
521am.. few more hour is only will having my probability final test...
i so down n stress at tis moment...
today is mooncake festival... zhong qiu jie...
why zhong qiu always is my badday.. last year like tat this is also like tat...
and this year even worst...
i was typing a sms.. “爸,这次的考试真的很难。恐怕我过不了这关。。。 ”
but i dint send to him at last...
why? mayb i dun have that brave.
or mayb i duwan to let him worried. he get blood highpressure recently should be because of me.
or mayb i duwan him to know tat he got an useless son.
or mayb i duwan him to look down on me..
this exam is important to me. i cant fail anymore coz i did failed last time.
if i failed this time... ptptn load wont borrow money to me anymore.
no money mean i cant study anymore.
but why? why i still cant follow up with my study???
why everyone can study but why i cant???
why??? because im useless??
yes. i think im useless... stupid... idiot...
i made my dad disapointed.. i made dad get bloodhighpressure...
all is my fault... i made it all happen!!!
recently damn alots of thing happen to me...
my life really bad recently...
study suck finance negetive love noeven have time to bother...
my mind very mess up now... wanna to type out alots.. but dunno how to type.. all mess up...
everyday waiting the bad tommorow coming..
when only i have better tommorow??
down... down.... downnnnnnnnn..........