Saturday, December 30, 2006

Green Box

Green Box

After submit and done all the assignment, today everyone of us never FFK others that we said that wanna go sing K today and we all make it today. actually we wanna go to the lowyat redbox but it was all room full already so we decided go to green box. lucky they still got room but need to wait for 2 hours more. So we used the 2 hours to have our lunch at gasoline. the atmosphere of gasoline there was nice but only the food quality very less. less than the serdang gasoline there. After have our meals then wat else? or coz photo snaping time! we dun hav digital cam and the only 1 phone that got camera was K750 there so we took some picture there but not that clear since no have much bright lighting there. Around 4pm, we went in GreenBox, the room so small coz we just 4 ppl so get the small room dun like last time we get a big room more space to sing, walk, dance, jump! LOL since the room so small there are no extra place to stand then we all stand on the sofa and sing.. LOL it was fun singing with them and i really get addicted with sing K now. Get used to sing K more than Clubbing now. i think that was good coz Clubbing $$$ alots. Sing K very cheap if compare to Clubbing. we sing till 7pm but it still haven finish our song yet... haihz.. everytime also like that, no enought time to Sing the song that we want! so we make anothers appoinment for sing K again! hehe.. hopefully that time no ppl will FFK also ya~
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Merry Chrismas 2006

Merry Chrismas 2006

chrismas eve,
This year Chrismas eve almost like the last year chrismas, having the roasted turkey dinner with family. So nice can have a gather whole familly and have a delicious dinner at home. but unfortunately i was full while the dinner because after eat too much already. after wake up at 230pm then have big bowl of "bak ku teh" then a piece of shakey pizza n a big chicken drumstick, a bowl of bai guo tong sui then after drink that friend call me go drink coconut drink with him then i go for it also since seldom can drink at cyberia here. that's why i eat some of the turkey then my stomach full already.. haihz.. i wasted a delicious dinner.. T__T
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Chrismas Eve Dinner with Family

25th chrismas,
today is the day to go back cyber with my old secondary buddy whose need to back KL as well.
said wanna back on 10am but then at last we depart around 12pm++. we drive safely n smooth and reach KL around 2pm sumthing then we decided to go watch a movie at timesquare. too bad my sister cant join us coz she need to rush for her assignment so droped her at the bandar tasik selatan ERL transit station. then because of xmas holiday, we used around 30min to find a parking in BTS parking basement. =_= We watch the "Eragon". The overall of the movie is so so lo.. maybe i dun like those story-base movie gua.. more preferable to action and comedy movie. so we hang around in BTS until around 7pm then went to setapak to have our dinner then fetch ah poh my frenz back taman melati. Leave tmn melati around 10pm to take LRT back with my frenz Huigiap. manatau i get sesakat the kelana jaya station. i was too tired and blur still dunno which side go back putrajaya. i went for wrong side then waited for the bus almost 20 min to wrong way till 1 utama =_= then the bus went back to kelana jaya then back to putrajya. Meet jacky and valarie at 1Utama. Arried cyberia it was around 1am already. what a tired trip =_=|||
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Having dinner at BTS ( Berjaya Time Square)

Friday, December 29, 2006

Happiness forever

Happiness forever

this year 2006 chrismas got some extra event. that was one of my buddy from secondary. she get married. at 1st, when i get a called frm my friend tolding that she gonna marry on coming xmas i was get stunt for few second. coz really cant accept what i heard. the night before she married, we all have a gathering at her house. almost all of our old secondary school friend was there. that why i said no matter how i must attend the gathering because everyone was here and another most important reason is this might be the last time i can meet her before she married. coz i dun think we have change to meet each other after she get merried. That night i really lose control of my mind. talk alots on that night. and almost all nonsense stuff. my frenz include my sister also feel im acting weird that night. why i became like that? 1st, i still cant accept she married tomorrow to a guys that we all everyone dun really like and thoughing that she wont really get happiness after she married to that damn XXXX guy. 2nd, for the atmosphere there, coz we all have been almost half year never meet d. everytime also CNY only got chance to meet. of coz the frenship of everyone get distance and less topic to talk already. that y i was trying to crapping and joke along to get the laughing atmosphere. like wat i said, if wanna be friendly, u need to act 38 and childish. if u silent there, everyone will do so. at then end of the night, we decided to went someplace to yumcha but she cant make it for our last yumcha. her dad came out then told us that she cant leave. then we all just can accept it with smilely face. The feeling of good bye that night was totally different with those previous night that we hang out. It feel like saying good bye forever... so i did pass her a msg telling her that if ANYTHING happen in ur life please don't forget u still got us support you always.
at last, bless her happiness forever in her life sincerly... will miss u here too..

MPM media production process

MPM media production process

after a few week of hard work tired meeting (actually not that hard or tired la) Our group "C'est la vie" finally done the project of "a day in a life for a seventeen cover girl " .
we did try to edit and edit again after the presentation and get alots of feed back from lecturer.
No idea izit our group are the nicer since i din see everygroup presentation but we did do better than others group more. some of them need to reshoot sumore so unlucky. anyway, our group presentation get impress from lecturer i think is bcoz they like the cover gal, becky? or izit bout the bra cup size ## in our project??? LOL but no matter how that still the good sign for us since the lec like our project.. hehe..
last, wanna thanks to my groupmate.. they never complain ( isit? ) even i din really did alots in this project. i think im the one who did most less thing 1.. haihz.. feel guilt.. but hopefully we can score a great marks from our project la...
special thank to my "C'est la vie" groupmate:
Deiseree Daniel
Damien Ng Tze Hoong
Loo Win Ling
Jillian Teoh Shee Huai

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Me n C'est la vie leader: Dayze aka piao liang!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Happy Birthday , John

Happy Birthday , John

12.00am 19 december 2006, my cell phone suddenly reminder ring. i took it and see. " John birthday - 20 " it stuned me few second when i saw that when i was chating + studying.

It remind me of you again.

Did i celeb bday with you before? i cant remember. It regret me din't really have a good celeb with you until i cant remember i did celeb with you or not. and there are no any chance for me to celeb with u anymore even a phone call or sms to wish u u will never get it also.

Im viewing your frenster now, although i knew that it wont gonna update anymore. but there the only place i can see much of your pic and get abit near to you.

anyway, i think you should be having ur birthday party with a gang of sexy angel chick there lo.. LOL

best wishes for your birthday and again Happy Birthday to you , John Tan.

John's friendster

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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Red Box K-ing!

Red Box K-ing!

Last friday, went Lowyat Red box with voonfei, keatmeng and wooikhang. actually our gals housemate goin with us also 1 but they got class on that day so cant join us.
so we went lowyat around 1.45pm sumthing then take our lunch at yaw yau chun b4 went in redbox. We get to sing at red box until 6pm with only rm5++ per person only. it was reallly enjoy everyone there. wooikhang prefer in hokkien song so we k some few hokkien song also. Keat meng favourite = JJ lim since he really look like JJ.. haha.. and voonfei i think he like zhang xi che.. coz he sing almost his song. and me? eh... not sure woo.. many song i sing... anyway, around 5:15pm we need to go already coz km and vf need to rush back to their htown d. so still not enough sing for me that day must go sing again! since tis is my 1st time go redbox.. wuhaahaha...

after drop km n vf at hangtuah lrt station then me n hugo went midvalley to have our dinner. we went oasis to have our super duper hot spicy ikan bakar.. eat until hugo shout beh tahan.. haha.. anyway, the ikan bakar there really damn nice... for those ppl never try b4 must really have a try.. if u can eat spicy thing la.. haha.. then after ate went to MPH a while lo.. then end with 1 FHM magzine with free 2007 sexy calender and Reader Digest = rm 27 =_=

Addicted with sing K now.. must get to redbox again asap! hehe

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keatmeng, voonfei , Hugo and me at redbox

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Kajang Satey

Kajang Satey

Tonight went kajang satey with some friend here.
departed from 9pm somthing then 10++ only reach the satay shop =_=|||
1st chinese satay shop was not bad but too bad no pork satay =(
then went for 2nd satay shop, malay satey this time. The shop very big and u can see the big Kajang Satey HJ SAMURI at the traffic light there d. This time the satay nicer than the previous 1.. environment also not bad got 2nd floor sumore. then we ordered few satay chicken, satay daging, satey rusa and satay arnab.. never see satay arnab before so just try it loh.. but too bad the daging never make it to us.. mayb they no more lembu for satey d T__T
conclusion, satey overall NICE but EXPENSIVE!!! Melaka eat also notneed more than 50sen. and still not full sumore =_=|||

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Long time never snap photo already so there is my latest photo with gangs which just finish the NICE & EXP satey. ( actually just me and nee nee only manatau all come kacau >.< )

Saturday, December 02, 2006

My Favourite's Song

My Favourite's Song

Jason Lo - Operator, The Line is Dead.
LO official website

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Busy guilty life

busy guilty life

Just back from MPM subject meeting with groupmate. After see the video which last weekend my groupmate them went shoot at subang. First feeling come to my mind while i watching the clip was -- gulity. i felt guilty coz what inside the clip was what my groupmate doing the hard work for 2 day. and i not even there. I din help them to do anything at all. Coz that time when they told me they going to shoot i was planning to go back talk to my dad about my study. I need to talk to my dad that time and cant make it late already coz without the ans from my dad. I have no heart to do anything. Im feel so sorry to my groupmate... sorry that i cant work with u guys.. feel that im not resposible at all since they ask me to join there group coz im alone but end with i din help them do anything. haihzzzz.. really hope i can do sumthing for them for the subject....

Since i back continue my life at here, really have alots thing i need to catch up, else my result cant be see again this time.

1st, MPM - but that was okay coz i got a bunch of great groupmate like what i told above. so now hopefully now i can really help them for the coming project work.

2nd, Computer Graphics - yeah, the tutor forgave me for din went for the lab so many time and still giving me chance ask me wanna to redo some quiz? but at the end i cant take the quiz even that the midterm i cant did well at all. all bcoz i skipped for 2 week class. i dunno everything about. from now i need to study very hard for the final and the project so that it can cover back the marks that i lose in midterm test and quiz. next monday gonna have a 1st submition of the CG project and i haven start anything yet since last few day was busy with midterm test. I shall start the project asap and hopefully i can come out a nice CG project so that i can earn some marks there.

3rd, Internet Computing - i have skipped 1 labtest coz it was held on last week and that time i din went for class so i din't know there was a labtest so my 1st labtest was 0 marks! once i decided to continue MMU then the anothers day was the internet computing midterm.. so i was study whole night like crazy that night, u know since i skipped alots of class. it really make me crazy while study sumthing that i don't understand and tomorrow night going to test some more! but anyway, i get 21/30 for the test. Not that good yet actually coz my 1st lab test get 0 marks so my carry marks still very less. and next week was the 1st submission of the project so might be will only start doing the project after submit the CG project.

4rd, CNYE - Feel sorry to my leader/head/jack, coz im the one who incharge the game/activitis division so actually tonight i need to come out the games for him already but recently was totally busy. Midterm and meeting it made me don't have time to give him the games. Hope he will understand and forgive my late submition for him.

so i shall stop blogging here and greatly use the time for works which i mention above since im OUT OF TIME now! ciao~

Tuesday, November 28, 2006



Since start from last few month i played a new dancing online games, AuditionSEA.

really nice and fun game for me.
For more information, click here la~

upload some of my character yeng picture here la~ ^^

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Get perfect chain x9! ^^v

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meet her in auditionsea, i like this picture.

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Couple dance with my sai dear in Auditionsea. 20 heart! nice!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
haha, this 1 funny, sai jennie get perfect x9 n i was trying to printscreen for her then i miss my move =_=|||

all picture was printscreen-edited-prepared by sai jennie aka DJpeace. Thanks ya~

Funny Advertisement

Funny Advertisement

I found a funny advertisement from one of my friend's blog. Hope she don't mind i copy her thing ya~ xp

Monday, November 27, 2006

Cancerous Foods/Products

Cancerous Foods/Products

One of my friend forward this to mymail. is about cancerous foods and products. im not sure it is true or what. How u guys think?

Pork Awareness

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(Click the thumbnails to enlarge the image)

Instant Noobles
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(Click the thumbnails to enlarge the image)

Satay Lovers ( Barbecue ), Prawns (SUGPO) & VIT C, Shampoo

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(Click the thumbnails to enlarge the image)

decided. continue.

decided. continue.

I've back! after went back talk to my dad about two hours and + my consideration, finally = i decided to continue my journey. alhought my coming journal will be very hard very hardship but after my dad talked to me i realise what i facing now still notyet even count as hard. compare with alots of trouble. mine problem still just cant compare with its. they are still got alots of hard thing we never meet it. that y i choose to face it. i need to face it with my hard work. yeah rite, i failed 3 paper already need to retake and get extended by 1 more year. but since i can pass one of the supp paper it mean that i still got chance to pass the others. the thing is i need is work more harder n try more harder. thanks all my frenz who concern bout me. some of them advise me, suggest me idea, make me feel better while im in stresss and moody. i really appreaciate u guys. thanks!

and the most important, the one i need to thanks is my DADDY! his word really help me alots! ya dad, i will face it! and promises u 1 more time again and last time i will go on FACE IT till i get the degree certificate! that's was my promises to guy and i will keep my promises as what a GUY do!
second, i need to appologize for my both MUMMY, sorry for make u two worried and get scolded by my dad because of me. i really feel guily for what i did n make both of u worry. and there is another promises for myself is that i wont make both of you worried me anymore. i will take care my self n study hard.

okay, what pass is pass now is the time to continue my study since i have already miss 2 week classes. when i wanna get my bond to study hard and in the suddenly i get to know from my friend that tomorrow i got midterm test! n the day after that got another test some more! OMG!
2 week din't went for the class really make my mind blank since this is the short semester. I have been outdated alots of my studies and i din't even know that. OMG again.. so now i need really study damn damn damn hard for my exam tomorrow. writing this blog now just a break for me so cant be wasting to much time here. so i shall end here. good luck to me and hopefully tomorrow i wont score bad on my test!

last but no least, Thanks again my parents,my family, my friend who even support me and concern about me. luv u all~

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

What? i Pass?

after two week though that i surely failed and give up everything trying to make a new life. Then suddenly u told me that im pass?! N pass also pass 1 paper failed 1 paper... it make me need to retake 4 paper on coming year. It mean im sure getting extend by 1 more year at here. Wont be graduate with my coursemates.
Yeah rite, i pass already this time i get back my ptptn but at the pass 2 week it make me think that do i really want to cont study something that i dun like? do i sure that i wont fail again on my coming semester? i have no idea and no confident to answer my question. what should i do?? go ahead with my dream? or continue suffer? im so headacheeeeeeeeeeee >.<

Monday, November 20, 2006

1day shooting extra for DIGI

1day shooting extra for DIGI

last weekend went for digi advertisement shooting. 1 day only but it really make me tired loh.. coz 1 day before went to my frenz house stay then 5am in the morning then need to wake up already. tis job was intro by my friend he be the main actor for that advertisement but i juse be the extra ( k le fei) only.. he worked for no more than 30min on that day then can earn rm1000.. then for us extra.. whole day frm morning till late night only rm150 =_=||| damn far different ...
anyway, that will quite funny looking those digiline man walk on the street and take LRT with us.. all walkby ppl suprise when see almost 20 yellow man walk infront LOT10 traffic light there.. cross road.. walk here walk there.. haha.. damn funny and cute.. n we those extra job just walk here n walk there only loh.. easy job nia... too bad i dun hav camera phone else i can upload come of the pic here...
hope coming day there will be lots of shooting for me..

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Men Kills daughter for stupid reason

Men Kills daughter for stupid reason

In a sad piece of news, a man in the US punched his 17-month -old daughter to dead because she accidentally yanked the power cable of his Xbox. 25 year old, Tyrone Spellman confessed to punching her daughter twice in the face in anger when she accidentally yanked the power cable and shut down. The medical examiner of the case also suggested that Spellman slung her daughter over a chair.

To add insult to the injury, Spellman then took her the body of the dead daughter and calmly put her back on her bed. When Spellman's wife awoke from her nap and noticed that their child was not breathing. Spellman waved it off and said that "their child was breathing, but her eyes are closed."

Full article click here

Rest In Peace, John

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u will always in my heart,john.

next life we will be buddy again! that's a promise!

Rest in peace..

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Long Time never have tis feel already

woo.... really long time never have tis feel already..
what feel is that?

i lost this feel since looooooong time ago... can see frm the date on my previous previous entry.. haha..

anyway, many thing happen.. but dun think i can write it out here d... too bad...

now 7:56am.. me jus wake up?! IMposible..
whole nite din sleep.. studying?? Imposible also..
whole nite fei fei infront of pc.. heardache whole night.. try to sleep on bed on 2am sumthing d. but headache till cant sleep then sit infront pc until now! =_=|||
i wonder if i use the time to study i think i can finish half of the book d.
dunno why when i face my pc i wont tired 1.. tired also duwan go sleep. but study.. 1 hour even 30min then tired d.. then jalan sini jalan sana.. then end with facing my leng lui pc..
ohya, why i call my pc leng lui? i said my pc is leng lui coz everytime i study sure cant get attempt by her.. study a while then go meet HER already... cant prevent her tempting :P
and another one is my loupo bed... another attempting thing also.. they 2 always fight to attempt me to acc them.. ish.. make me cant study at home!
then sure got ppl ask me why duwan go library study? why? coz that library la.. why build so far.. haha.. need to walk to campus library.. not tat far but lazy lah.. the road is like goin up hill like tat leh.. when think to walk there n no mood to go library.. but library really let me concerntare study... if i got car i sure no problem d.. hehe.. sound like many excuse huh? one word for me myself: LAZY!

Goin to buy a new hp with camera 1. i wan a camera hp since long time ago.. but always cant success saving.( who ask me like to spend alots! >< ) now thinking a way to hide my some saving.. so that i wont take it and use it! must do tat d! coz my hp goin to spoil d. now still can use but need to open loud speaker only listen. imagine in LRT or BUS.. damn paiseh ><
anyway , if i got camera phone d. my blog sure will be very nice d.. hehe.. i cant put nice nice pic d. now when i see sumthing nice wanna snap also cannot.. camera here also dun hav.. haih..
hopefully my saving can success!

now, suddenly very miss my mlc frenz! really long time never meet them d. almost lost contact with them already can say so.. coz since gamma year thelife bz like hell.. assignment, exam, n b4 that i worked sumore. totally dun hav time for me to chat with frenz.
For my frenz, i really miss u all.. alth i din find u all, sms, chat at all.. but sincerely miss u in my heart... sumthing miss u all at midnight b4 sleep or early in the morning thinking to sms u all... but scare disturd u all sleeping that y din send at last.
anyway, holiday soon.. hope can meet u all soon la!!!!


Friday, October 06, 2006

Im so uselessssssss

Wonder why i start blog again...
blog at this time of period...
521am.. few more hour is only will having my probability final test...
i so down n stress at tis moment...
today is mooncake festival... zhong qiu jie...
why zhong qiu always is my badday.. last year like tat this is also like tat...
and this year even worst...
i was typing a sms.. “爸,这次的考试真的很难。恐怕我过不了这关。。。 ”
but i dint send to him at last...
why? mayb i dun have that brave.
or mayb i duwan to let him worried. he get blood highpressure recently should be because of me.
or mayb i duwan him to know tat he got an useless son.
or mayb i duwan him to look down on me..
this exam is important to me. i cant fail anymore coz i did failed last time.
if i failed this time... ptptn load wont borrow money to me anymore.
no money mean i cant study anymore.
but why? why i still cant follow up with my study???
why everyone can study but why i cant???
why??? because im useless??
yes. i think im useless... stupid... idiot...
i made my dad disapointed.. i made dad get bloodhighpressure...
all is my fault... i made it all happen!!!
recently damn alots of thing happen to me...
my life really bad recently...
study suck finance negetive love noeven have time to bother...
my mind very mess up now... wanna to type out alots.. but dunno how to type.. all mess up...
everyday waiting the bad tommorow coming..
when only i have better tommorow??
down... down.... downnnnnnnnn..........

Sunday, March 12, 2006

heRe i cOme aGain

it hand been long time i din write my blog.. wondering must b no ppl come in n see this blog anymore huh... anyway, this few month din update my blog it really many many many many many many thing happen.. it make me dunno how to start n share my feeling here... all mixed up....
for sure, unhpy thing sure more than hpy thing.. bcoz of that we only will grow up.. if our life all full with hpy thing n with out moody part.. i can tell tis guy never grow up n always stay in his own hpy world n unrealitic world...

i not sure i goin to share all the thing i go thought here o not.. coz some really personal.. wat i can share is just all my feeling...