Sunday, December 16, 2007

silly thing "leng chai" teddy

silly thing "leng chai" teddy

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Lyrics for 'Konya Tsuki No Mieru Oka Ni' by B'Z

'Konya Tsuki No Mieru Oka Ni' by B'Z
( Beautiful life soundtrack )

Tatoeba dou ni kashite kimi no naka haiteite
Sono me kara boku wo nazoitara
Iron nakoto chotto wa waraku kamo
Aisureba aisuru hodo
kiri no naka mayoi konde

Te wo tsunaidara ittemiyou
Moeru you na tsuki no kagayaku oka ni
Mukae ni yuku kara soko ni ite yo
Kakera demo ii
Kimi no kimochi shiru made
Konya boku wa nenai yo

Itai koto kimochi ii koto sore wa minna hito sorezore de
Chotto shita chigai ni tsumazuite
Mata shite mo boku wa hade ni koron da
Kizutsuite yatto wakaru
Sore demo ii osoku wa nai

Te wo tsunaidara ittemiyou
Ayashii hoshi no hisomu oka ni
Shigemi no oku e to susunde yukou
Kega shite mo ii
Hajikeru you na egao no
Mukou gawa wo mitai yo

Te wo tsunaidara ittemiyou
Manmarui tsuki no kagayaku oka ni
Dare mo ga minna terashidasarete
Kokoro no moyou ga sora ni utsutteru
Itsu demo sou yatte warattenaide
Kakera demo ii
Kimi no kimochi shiru made
Konya wa issho ni itai yo

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Dragon 3

3 Dragon

Last Sunday went to the winston omega film - Dragon 3 movie testshoot.
fortune for me coz i get one of the main character for the moment now. One of the 3 dragon.

Hung shen as Leng Chai
Victor as Man-Chester
Bryan as Monty

" The movie story is about 3 young kids. they have no idea what they want in future. good streetfigher, doing what they wanted to, so one day they went to a new town which really attract the 3 dragon interest to start their life at the town. who knowns..... "

The shoot was began early morning. so as always i need wake earlier and drove all away from Cyberjaya to Bandar Sri damansara.

After have the breakfast then we start our 1st shoot, the 1st shoot is story about me and another 2 dragon inside a restaurant in the town. and walk out from the restaurant together.
this screen is show that the 3 dragon like this town.

2nd shoot, 3 dragon walking at one of the street then suddenly block by the gangster and get in fighting. the gangster get beaten and 3 of us drive their car and run away...

3rd shoot, 3 of us running aways from getting kill by gangstersssss

4rd shoot, no way to run anymore. get surround by cars and bikers come and save us

and the last shoot, was taken at the fruit mamak stall. while we eating suddenly gangster come and disturb us then master wong help us and beat down all gangster.

the shoot was done around 7pm somthing. i was really tired whole day running under the burning sun and wearing the a bit highheel leather shoe. contact no really comfortable since wearing the whole day already.

this is really a good experience for me getting into a action movie with winston director. although this just a test shoot for the movie i might no the one of the dragon after this. but at least i have try my best and no regret.

hopefully i still one of the dragon coming days. =)

3 dragon


more video coming sooon...

Thursday, November 01, 2007

halloween night at ZOUK

ZOUK Halloween Night

Celebrated Halloween at Zouk with Abby,Pink,Angel,Clerk, Brian, Jeff and Leo

The nice nice eyeliner was draw by Angel

The Gang
Brian Pink Bryan


Sunday, October 28, 2007



Was working at KLCC for the CANON EXPO while having my trimester break.
Once i step inside the Hall i was really get surprised with those decoration.
1st come on my mind was how much they spend on those superd design and deco? 4 million i heard for a 3 day event at KLCC hall 2 only. but of course a 4 mil for CANON just sam sam shui only la...

bellow are some of the picture of their decoration...

the middle of the hall

A City at work

camera section

Machine section

SOHO for home user

EOS section
me and willie work at the Office section

thanks angel for introduce this job for me =)


Friday, September 28, 2007

Nuclear explosions

Nuclear explosions

Friday, September 21, 2007

LasT WeeK

LasT WeeK

Went back melacca last week,
went repair my car but still got problem now. damn noisy the sound.
did nothing at hometown.
went saloon cut hair.
went Dota with buddy.
went shopping with parents.

i brought original!

Then went back KL with Kaiseen coz we got gathering with vian, cstan,jess, steven, waiseng and connie on saturday.
cant join the lunch together with them coz need casting at damansara then join back them for skating...

first time wearing on the skating shoe

u know what, this is my 1st time skating and i can skate freely on the ice count! surprise leh..
they said me PRO and i admit it also ! wuahahahhahahaha But cstan more PRO la.. he cant really play coz need to accompany the-not-sport-type girlfriend. LOL

Im PRO! wuahaha

after play then we went for the movie " The Brave One" .
not really good show but the actress Jodie Foster was great.
the whole show she totally into the character. hollywood really PRO.

starring by Jodie Foster

after the show, we went taipan subang restaurant Logenhaus to have our delicious dinner.
not really in luck that night coz ordered a un-worth it baked cheese fish chop.
Should order the Mix-grill next time!

Logenhaus restaurant

So, that's almost my last weekend.
this coming weekend gonna be busy again i think.
see ya~

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

recharge revelation 2007

Recharge Revelation 2007

Saturday,27th October,2007
Doors open at 2pm
A'Famosa Resort Melaka,Malaysia
Pre-sale: RM63++ Door-sale: RM83++

Anyone going this?

From more info check out:

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Blood donation

BlooD doNatioN

i like donate my blood
1st, can save ppl life
2nd, refresh my blood
3rd, next time old already got free medical. LOL

this is my 7th time have my blood donation.
the registration crew told me:
"wah, 7th time already woor.. GOOD! "
the nurse who injected for me said:
" cant believe you donate so many time already young people. "
then she thank me before i leave. @_@

you cant found any disadvantage of donate blood.
and that's no pain at all unless u afraid of ant bite.
since that is a good for people, good for yourself
what are you waiting for?

Donate your blood!
save people
save the world

Monday, September 10, 2007

SonyEricsson TVC

SonyEricsson TVC

Last saturday went to shahalam to shoot for SonyEricsson new handphone TVC. need to reach there by 630am. so i wake up at 430am then drive to ss15 subang to fetch Raymond ( knew from lowyat forum bcoz of this job) together then go to the shooting place.


the extras

there are alots of extras to do this tvc. they said got 200 but as what i saw i think got 100++ la.. so we were waiting at there the whole morning about 930am somthing only get asked to go in the shooting studio and teach us what to do. It very basic only since the theme is in the concert so we just act like watching the concert there,hand up and wave only that's all. LOL

the stage

we were damn bored coz we need to wait for so long only shoot 1 scene. so basically we only shoot for 3 hour out of total hour that we been there since 630am till 730pm. guess how bored we waiting there and have ntg to do. luckly knew some friend there, at least can chitchat, cold joke, ghost story and blow blow water with them. LOL and we did camwhole for some picture as well ^^

the director board

the camera

so around 8pm like that, we queue to get our paid. after that have our dinner at asian cafe then fetch them back one by one. me reach home almost 12am already. what a tired day but kinda woth it also. coz i knew some new frenz!

new friend: raymond, yanny and yumi =)

Monday, September 03, 2007

2nd september 2007

2nd september 2007

2nd september 2007 is my 21st birthday
others than that, putrajaya will having their fireworks competition grand finale.
i was able to reach cyberjaya on that day so decide to go watch the superb fireworks with my frens jessica, steven , keat meng, vian-popo, kaiseen-muimui, vianLG-cstan and xuan. some of them came from melacca purposely to watch the fireworks here.

the fireworks i love the most!

the fireworks is awesome. but i still think that lose to the previous one i watch. after watch the fireworks then going to have my dinner at oldtown cafe. the traffic in putrajaya was totally complex, jam for almost 1 hour there.

superb hungry bryan

the next day, we went ikano to have our lunch and singK at the redbox there. today waiseng came to join us. we wait only 3pm only got room to let us enjoy the K. at least everyone was kinda shy and not dare to hold the mic ( except xuan =p ) maybe some of them dunno each others yet. but a while more, everyone also sing their song. Connie and weijun came to meet us for a while also. i was kinda no mood that day so din really sing alots.

me, waiseng and keat meng

Around 6pm, vian kaiseen and xuan they need to rush back to melacca so we got to leave there already. and i leave around that time also cause need to fetch keat meng back and catch a movie with friend.

anyway, nice to meet you guys again since quite some time never meet already.

p/s: thanks nee nee for the lovely cake and thanks jessica, steven and waiseng for the "COOL" T-shirt! ^^

Sunday, September 02, 2007

me, BryaN's 21st birthday

me, BryaN's 21st birthday

din really have a big celebration party. just celebrate with family at home. din really invite all my frenz came coz dun have huge celebration. financial prob** hope my frens u all dun mind~
will have a huge bday celebration next time.. ( dunno when actually LOL)

so, the small birthday was celebrate on the day before my birthday, coz my birthday on sunday, got to go back cyberjaya that time.

have a big huge key shape key. which brought by mum. she cooked the curry and the meehoon also.. thanks mum =) others than that, still got some satey, pizza, kfc , heineken , red wain and ice wain...

this is the result of after blow the candle... they( EVERYONE ) push my head toward the cake although i try very hard to avoid that already. =_= before only me played ppl while they birthday , now really kena on myself d. swt =_= super ugly me in the picture @_@

been 21 year i live on earth, really wanna thanks to my family for concern me and worried bout me. now, i am adult. must think and act like an adult already. and of cause an adult wont let parents to worry about them anymore. thanks and appreaciated. ( casino waiting for me! LOL )

and thanks to my buddy who really been together with me whenever and whatever i have trouble. never regret to knew u all crazy, stupid, mou liu frens! hope our friendship, brothership, buddyship will never end! buddy rule~ ( i wonder the day one of us wedding how are we gonna do? LOL )

in the end, i think the greatest present i get should be this! Hyundai Atos! finally i get my own car! although is second-hand car and kinda small but for me as long as got car for me i really happy already. for those friend who close with me they should know i desperate to get a car here(cyberjaya) since long time ago... anyway, got this car with me now i can solve alots of transport problem here. and really can full my stomach everytime im hungry! thanks dad!

last and not least, wanna thanks to ALLLLL my friend who did wish for me! received alots of sms and frienster comments. REALLY APPRECIATE AND THANKS YOU GUYS! and thanks for the presents! i love it ~ ( although no LV bag. LOL )



Wednesday, August 29, 2007

刘明峰 - I LOVE YOU 你懂不懂

刘明峰 - I LOVE YOU 你懂不懂

i love you 你懂不懂
i love you 你懂不懂
i love u你知不知道懂不懂
i love u我懂你的世界没有我
i love u我好寂寞
i love u你知不知道你懂不懂
i love u

i like the song... especially the lyric.. meaningfull..
the song is in the playlist above, can play and listen if u interest =)

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

the italy fireworks

the italy fireworks

star shape

love shape

i like tis one

pink n purple

the superb ending!

totally love it much!

p/s: thanks jessica for the photo =)

Monday, August 27, 2007

how are she?

how are she?

kinda long time never contact with her and almost half a year never meet her already.
wondering how she doing there? hopefully she doing well there =)

Her latest picture i got. Monash Motorshow [ 18/8/07 ]

miss ya~

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sunway Lagoon with Karen Kong

Sunway Lagoon with Karen Kong

25th august, Sunway lagoon got even with organice by sloggi. so there will be FOC entrance to enjoy the event that day. So, i went there with my housemate, but housemate leave me alone they went for playing at another side. so i meet up with chien hui, alvin, janice and kenny. all of us karen's fans hanging together once again. we have some booths game with organize by skinfood, bananaboat, nivea, mentos, and etc etc while waiting karen performance.

karen in "bikini" wear =_=


around 430pm, karen wearing white dress and sing few song on the stage.

dance dance dance~

flower for karen ^^

me with karen ( blue & white ) ^^


Meet one of my frenster friend there, sukkie. she was one of the talents for the sloggi summer babes competition. so i able to meet n chat with her. we using the same phone and phone theme sumore! LOL is glad to meet her there =)

amber chia was here

sloggi summer babes

that's all for the 1 day trip at sunway lagoon with karen kong. unfortunately, forget to take picture with sukkie before we leave. anyway, she owe me a movie! ^^ enjoyed!