Sunday, September 02, 2007

me, BryaN's 21st birthday

me, BryaN's 21st birthday

din really have a big celebration party. just celebrate with family at home. din really invite all my frenz came coz dun have huge celebration. financial prob** hope my frens u all dun mind~
will have a huge bday celebration next time.. ( dunno when actually LOL)

so, the small birthday was celebrate on the day before my birthday, coz my birthday on sunday, got to go back cyberjaya that time.

have a big huge key shape key. which brought by mum. she cooked the curry and the meehoon also.. thanks mum =) others than that, still got some satey, pizza, kfc , heineken , red wain and ice wain...

this is the result of after blow the candle... they( EVERYONE ) push my head toward the cake although i try very hard to avoid that already. =_= before only me played ppl while they birthday , now really kena on myself d. swt =_= super ugly me in the picture @_@

been 21 year i live on earth, really wanna thanks to my family for concern me and worried bout me. now, i am adult. must think and act like an adult already. and of cause an adult wont let parents to worry about them anymore. thanks and appreaciated. ( casino waiting for me! LOL )

and thanks to my buddy who really been together with me whenever and whatever i have trouble. never regret to knew u all crazy, stupid, mou liu frens! hope our friendship, brothership, buddyship will never end! buddy rule~ ( i wonder the day one of us wedding how are we gonna do? LOL )

in the end, i think the greatest present i get should be this! Hyundai Atos! finally i get my own car! although is second-hand car and kinda small but for me as long as got car for me i really happy already. for those friend who close with me they should know i desperate to get a car here(cyberjaya) since long time ago... anyway, got this car with me now i can solve alots of transport problem here. and really can full my stomach everytime im hungry! thanks dad!

last and not least, wanna thanks to ALLLLL my friend who did wish for me! received alots of sms and frienster comments. REALLY APPRECIATE AND THANKS YOU GUYS! and thanks for the presents! i love it ~ ( although no LV bag. LOL )



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