Wednesday, February 27, 2008



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Sunday, February 24, 2008


im SICK right after i having fun at the GreenBox last 2 day.

More information , photoss and videoss about the GreenBox click here

Currently condition : High fever ,Sore throat ,dizzy and body no strength at all.
Recently meals : Gardenia bread, Strepsils and Panadol.

And last to all the movie fans, must watch Vantage Point.
The best best movie after the American Gangster.

Vantage Point Official Website here.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Pasal "Kentut"

Pasal "Kentut"

1. Tidak jujur - orang yang kalau
lalu menyalahkan orang lain.

2. Bengong - orang yang menahan
kentutnya sampai berjam-jam.

3. Berwawasan 2020 - orang yang tahu
masa yang terbaik untuk kentut.

4. Sengsara - orang yang ingin kentut
tapi tidak boleh kentut.

5. Misterius - orang yang kalau kentut,
orang lain tahu.

6. Gugup - orang yang tiba-tiba
terkentut bila disergah.

7. Percaya diri sendiri - orang yang
melepaskan kentutnya dengan bunyi yang
amat lantang.

8. Sadis - orang yang kentut dalam
selimut dan terus dikibaskan baunya.

9. Pemalu - orang yang kentut tidak
berbunyi tetapi gusar orang lain terbau

10. Startegik - orang yang
menyembunyikan bunyi kentutnya dengan
ketawa terbahak-bahak agar orang lain
tidak dapat mendengar bunyi kentutnya.

11. Bodoh - orang yang kalau abis
kentutnya menghirup untuk mencium angin

12. Pelik - orang yang boleh
mengeluarkan kentut apabila disuruh.

13. Sombong - orang yang sering mencium
kentutnya sendiri dan bercerita akan
keharuman kentutnya.

14. Ramah - orang yang tidak kisah
mencium kentut orang lain.

15. Tidak suka bergaul - orang yang
kentut bila berkumpul dengan teman².

16. Akuatik - orang yang gemar kentut
didalam air.

17. Atletik - orang kentut sambil
mengeluarkan tenaga dalaman.

18. Jujur - orang yang mengaku kalau
abis kentut.

19. Pintar - orang yang menghuraikan
kandungan bau kentut orang lain.

20. Kelakar - orang yang bila ketawa
sambil terkentut.

21. Romantik - orang yang kentut
bunyinya mendayu dan berirama merdu
ketika sedang berdating.

22. Tidak sihat - orang yang bila batuk
dia akan terkentut.

23. Panas baran - orang yang mudah
bila terbau kentut walaupun kentutnya

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Celcom TVC no.2

Celcom TVC no.2

Went another tvc again.. and extras for Celcom again.. but this time i bring in 3 people to accompany me. Pink, Alvin and Brian Soong 3 of three are the 3 first time talking part in TVC shooting.

yeah it was shooting at the main entry of the Pavillion building there.
By 1015pm, we reach there meet Brian, then we started wait until almost 1am only start extras shooting all together.

This time is around 150 extras were shooting together.
i would said that this TVC were lucky because we just only need to shoot for 1 screen, mean only took us around 1hour to shoot then its done.

while waiting ours pay, Brian went took photo with Hannah Tan and we leave around 2:30am after we get the paid.

Pink, Bryan , Brian and Alvin

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Mickey Phoon

Happy Birthday Mickey Phoon

Monday, February 18, 2008

Ameriquest - All 5 Funny Commercials

Ameriquest - All 5 Funny Commercials

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Bai tian kong

Bai tian kong

Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Valentine's Day

The Valentine's Day

Celebrate Our 1st Valentine's day on 13th February cause i need to go back melaka for bai tian kong on 14th night.

We went The Apartment at the curve there to have our dinner. and went for the JUMPER movie at Cineleisure Cathay Cineplex.

The valentine present from me for her: half dozen of roses with 3 small teddybears on top, 1 couple t-shirt , 1 valentine card made from UK, 1 pair of keychain and the red PSP ( Superd Expensive! )

The valentine present from her: A note that compile all the YM conversation from the day we chat with each other until we coupled. ( Priceless ^^ )

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Rat Chinese New Year

Happy Rat Chinese New Year

Happy 2008 CNY!
No much holiday for this year cny only the zhu 1st and zhu 2nd only.
even then the cny eve also got class. but everyone skip the whole week class and back hometown early, only me stand until the day b4 cny eve only back.. what to do, got important lab need to attend, else later cannot catch up if i missed a class..

about my cny, zhu 1 went to all grandparent's house bainian as usual.
Night, we never open house this year coz sister birthday on that day so we just went out for a yeesang dinner at hakka restaurant and celeb my sister birthday at my house.
after play mahjong with sisters ( i'm the winner! ) , and dad ajak us to play cards with him. ( at last, im the one who lose much =.=" )

my bro brought a black psp too! suprise!

zhu 2 morning, me and bro followed dad went to dad's boss house bai nian..
afternoon, went my big aunty house painian and nap at house for a while..
night, steamboat at grandmum house and went out to jonker work with huigiap and yumcha together with Felicia. ( dunno how long never meet her already, and then forget to snap photo with her :[ )

zhu 2 night at Jonker walk

zhu 3 is the day only for my secondary schoolmate gathering. since dunno few year back we every cny must gather together and go house by house bai nian. but tis year seem like less people and less compare with the previous year gathering.
so we from 9am gathering went house by house bainian until 7pm then went for dinner together at havana cafe, then night watch the kungfu dunk at MBO cinema.

My favorite cendol and laksa =p

last day zhu 4, prepared and back to cyberjaya.
superd jam at the highway. From 8pm depart and 12am only reach cyberia. gila traffic jam.. almost pekcek in car. =.="

my house

Of course decorated by me la! ^^

Monday, February 04, 2008

Celcom TVC

Celcom TVC

Just back from Celcom TVC.
Been working for almost 12 hours at KL Bisou (maison area) and KL bukit bintang.
Be the extras this time, quite upset because i get shortlisted one of the main actor but i was at Melaka that time. They called me for the casting by i din turn on because i just cant go back to KL immediately suddenly. So, give up at last. and now being as One of the extras out of almost 200 extras there =.="

So, call time on 530pm so i reach there around that time then we wait until around 10pm like that only took ours 1st extras screen.

After that move to bukit bintang for the 2nd shoot.
every extras around almost 200 people need to waiting in a room that without air-con.This is so freaking hot and sweat inside the room. then we wait again and again till around 3am only start shooting.. whole bunch of people gather and shout like in concern on the bukit bintang road =.=" then break & wait then shoot again... then break and shoot...

it look like more than 200 ppls

Until 530am like that, only done with the shooting. then after reach Cyberia is around almost 7am already. This is really really so tiring whole day.

Yumi and me

Johnny and me

Me and Chistina Teh ( 2007 Astro Girl Top 5 )

i blog this right after i back from the shooting after bath. fast update right? ^^

really tired already... ciao~ @.@zZZ

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Cloverfield (2008)

Wanted to watch it since long time ago but after heard alots of people complaint about this movie then it stop me to think that should i go watch in cinema? but they are some ppl said the storyline is nice just the way they shaking the camera make ppl dizzy?

At last, i went to watch the movie on cinema last 2 day with pink and hugo. For me, The Overall of this movie is nice. honestly i dun feel uncomfortable at all but it make me panic and fear while the monster are chasing after them. I dun understand why they said not nice isit because of the shaking of the camera?
but for me, this kind of movie you really need to get into the situation on what happen in the screen and to feel what u feel and see if u were at the city with them.

The purpose of them to make the movie with camera is to let us really feel it if there are a Monster attack the city what u gonna do? and how you gonna feel? We must feel the movie but not just sitting there and enjoy the movie that ppl shoot for us only.

One of my friend said he didn't really see the monster face then the show end already. then in my mind said, if u facing a monster coming attack your city do u think u gonna run infront of the monster and see how it face look like?!

Anyway, different people watch got their own review and this is just my review for the Cloverfield movie.

i found these on internet:-
Look for the splash on the right side of the screen when the camera is looking out over the sea. Though many believe this to be the monster, the story established in the "viral" marketing campaign for the film says that a piece of the Japanese Government's "ChimpanzIII" satellite fell from space into the Atlantic ocean sometime before the monster's attack, so this might be the object seen falling from the sky. Internet rumors say that J.J. Abrams has confirmed that this is what it was, but we have been unable to find an interview or other source for this claim.

Director Matt Reaves has also mentioned that there is an object that can be seen splashing down in the final scene. He did not elaborate on what that object might be.

What do they whisper at the end?

It sounds like "Help us." But the line is backmasked, or played backwards. Played backwards, the line is "It's still alive!"

Listen to the reversed line on here.

For more information about Cloverfield FAQ click here.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Busy Day

Busy Day

Melaka => Cyberia => PSP => Kepong => SS2 => Ipoh

Once reach cyberia put my stuff in room then meet Waiseng and fetch his brother to MMU before we depart to KL. Put my car at Ampang Park LRT , cost me RM10 for the parking =.="
we took LRT to the Pasar Seni there and went to the S&M shopping center which opposite the petaling street there and brought my LIMITED DEEP RED PSP!

After get my PSP, we traffic jam to OneUtama to fetch Vian, Jessica and Steven for Our Kepong Crab dinner. Who knows, once we get to kepong there only found out actually nobody know where the shop are?! =.=" then we survey the whole kepong almost 2 hours there until we can went on the road to genting highland =.=" In the end, we end up go back 1U to take Vian's car and have our dinner at SS2 Greenwood cafe.

The Greenwood cafe shop look nice but the food there totally not delicious at all. Only The BBQ chicken chop i ordered within their plate was nice. Since everyone were not satisfy with their food so they decide to yumcha again at prince cafe.

so what we did at prince cafe? yumcha sure "blow-water" and "car-big-gun" and photo shot section again lo~ haha

around 1230am somthing, vian leave us and continue her next yumcha section with her frens and i fetching waiseng, jessica and steven back cyberia.

For more information and photo about the trip above and click on Jessica's blog.

Once back cyberia, i need to clean my room and toilet b4 depart to Ipoh on 6am later. after clean n unpack the stuff already 4am. so i slept for a while wake up at 5am prepare and meet abby at 6am and depart to Ipoh then...

Reach Ipoh Pink house around 8am, then went find kimfong to bring us have our dimsum breakfast. After breakfast, checked in to the hotel and snap for a while.

Taking lunch at IpohOldtown there, the chao kuay teoh and the nan heong tan tak is the most delicious. So, after lunch went to some gua-gua at ipoh and some cant make it because it's close already. ( cant remember the gua name coz whole day was sleepy since no enough sleep =.= zZ )

Night, have our dinner+supper at the tongsui street behind the San De School there. after dinner supper nothing else can do in Ipoh then we went back hotel again...

Back Cyberjaya after we had lunch on the next day.. That's all for the busy day~ zzZ