Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Rat Chinese New Year

Happy Rat Chinese New Year

Happy 2008 CNY!
No much holiday for this year cny only the zhu 1st and zhu 2nd only.
even then the cny eve also got class. but everyone skip the whole week class and back hometown early, only me stand until the day b4 cny eve only back.. what to do, got important lab need to attend, else later cannot catch up if i missed a class..

about my cny, zhu 1 went to all grandparent's house bainian as usual.
Night, we never open house this year coz sister birthday on that day so we just went out for a yeesang dinner at hakka restaurant and celeb my sister birthday at my house.
after play mahjong with sisters ( i'm the winner! ) , and dad ajak us to play cards with him. ( at last, im the one who lose much =.=" )

my bro brought a black psp too! suprise!

zhu 2 morning, me and bro followed dad went to dad's boss house bai nian..
afternoon, went my big aunty house painian and nap at house for a while..
night, steamboat at grandmum house and went out to jonker work with huigiap and yumcha together with Felicia. ( dunno how long never meet her already, and then forget to snap photo with her :[ )

zhu 2 night at Jonker walk

zhu 3 is the day only for my secondary schoolmate gathering. since dunno few year back we every cny must gather together and go house by house bai nian. but tis year seem like less people and less compare with the previous year gathering.
so we from 9am gathering went house by house bainian until 7pm then went for dinner together at havana cafe, then night watch the kungfu dunk at MBO cinema.

My favorite cendol and laksa =p

last day zhu 4, prepared and back to cyberjaya.
superd jam at the highway. From 8pm depart and 12am only reach cyberia. gila traffic jam.. almost pekcek in car. =.="

my house

Of course decorated by me la! ^^

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