Saturday, February 02, 2008

Cloverfield (2008)

Wanted to watch it since long time ago but after heard alots of people complaint about this movie then it stop me to think that should i go watch in cinema? but they are some ppl said the storyline is nice just the way they shaking the camera make ppl dizzy?

At last, i went to watch the movie on cinema last 2 day with pink and hugo. For me, The Overall of this movie is nice. honestly i dun feel uncomfortable at all but it make me panic and fear while the monster are chasing after them. I dun understand why they said not nice isit because of the shaking of the camera?
but for me, this kind of movie you really need to get into the situation on what happen in the screen and to feel what u feel and see if u were at the city with them.

The purpose of them to make the movie with camera is to let us really feel it if there are a Monster attack the city what u gonna do? and how you gonna feel? We must feel the movie but not just sitting there and enjoy the movie that ppl shoot for us only.

One of my friend said he didn't really see the monster face then the show end already. then in my mind said, if u facing a monster coming attack your city do u think u gonna run infront of the monster and see how it face look like?!

Anyway, different people watch got their own review and this is just my review for the Cloverfield movie.

i found these on internet:-
Look for the splash on the right side of the screen when the camera is looking out over the sea. Though many believe this to be the monster, the story established in the "viral" marketing campaign for the film says that a piece of the Japanese Government's "ChimpanzIII" satellite fell from space into the Atlantic ocean sometime before the monster's attack, so this might be the object seen falling from the sky. Internet rumors say that J.J. Abrams has confirmed that this is what it was, but we have been unable to find an interview or other source for this claim.

Director Matt Reaves has also mentioned that there is an object that can be seen splashing down in the final scene. He did not elaborate on what that object might be.

What do they whisper at the end?

It sounds like "Help us." But the line is backmasked, or played backwards. Played backwards, the line is "It's still alive!"

Listen to the reversed line on here.

For more information about Cloverfield FAQ click here.

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