Monday, March 30, 2009

23rd March is my Dad's Birthday.
dad + cake + sister

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Earth Hour

Let's save the earth this Saturday together-gether okay?!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

myElephant Thai Restaurant
(this image source from )

As the title mention, i went to the Thai Restaurant - myElephant for my dinner today.
This is not the 1st time i visit the restaurant. First went there is for my friend chee wei birthday celebration. So, this time i bring gf to try the Thai food since she like Tom Yam so much. =D

These is what i ordered,
Cant remembered the actual name but i know is fried chicken, it look like prawn right?
Can't remembered the food name as well, but it's some tempura + vegetable+carrot?
This one i know, is TOM SOM! Must order this one if you ever come to myElephant. Super delicious and super hot ( i mean really hot and spicy that kind. )
Can see the "Hot" me? LOL

Others than that, the last one i ordered Omelet since the "Snow" Fish they sold out already. =( "Snow"Fish is another one of the main dish you must order whenever you go there.

For more information about the restaurant, you can visit here:

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Urgent Alert From Maybank, Spam and dangerous?


Receive an email just now.

Luckily I did not click on the url (bold)
Real link is:

God knows what will happened.

Threatening email?

Source from

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Looking for job?

Eyewear product specialist -
Basic from RM2300 - RM2500. RM600 monthly allowance.

Anyone Interest just drop an email here:

Or visit for more available jobs.

Monday, March 09, 2009

visited Genting twice in within 48 hours.

Last entry i mention i freaking bored at home.
But right after i posted that blog entry. My friend Abby invited me to go Genting since both of us have nothing to do. So we decided to spend our Saturday's Night there. Dong Jian joined us too.


Went to the First World Hotel Starbucks and then First World Casino.
I was bored after played few round in Casino. No winning luck. Wanted to go back but i'm not the driver to decide go downhill. The driver is busying trying her luck on the "Banker/Player" table there. So, luckily i did bring my PSP there and i enjoying my FIFA 09 inside Casino. =.=|||

Reach home around Sunday 6am morning.
After bath then catch my dream on bed.
Wake up at almost 4pm, preparing the 6pm dinner gathering with my ex-housemate at Puchong Daorae Korean BBQ .
After the dinner, don't know where can we lepak-ing. Sing k? Expensive. Movie? No nice movie or watched. Yumcha? We just ate. So? We hitted the Genting again. =.="

What can we do at Genting Highland? I can tell you there are 4 things u can do.

1.Genting Casino.


I think 70% of people who going genting just because of this. Hardcore gamble kaki can be 24 hours lepak in the Casino without rest without eat.

2. Genting Starbucks.


For those who don't gambling , this is the place for you to lepak.

3. Genting Night Scene.


After the drink at Starbucks, if you don't feel like going down hill. You can try to walk around the genting outdoor. Sometime u can catch the pretty night scene of the whole KL city.

4. Genting Toilet.

If you win money already, or if you feel lonely coldly? need some warmness hug? you can try visit this place. Guarantee lot of choice for you to pick. xD

So, as you can read though that's how i spend my weekend. =)

Saturday, March 07, 2009

bored weekend?

Just finish watch "SAW 2" and "SAW 3" ( Again ).
Just finish 1 set of comic.
Lying on bed , thinking of what to do.

Tonight got FA Cup football match. But no Kakis to go watch with.

So now end with blogging at home. with the Coventry Vs Chelsea live streaming. ( I ain't chelsea fans, just wanted to see chelsea lose.)

Yesterday went to cinema watch "Watchmen". The movie not bad. at least better than the previous " The Spirit ". I will be really love the movie if i did read their comic before that.

those Watchmen inside, i prefer the Rorschach. I mean i like Rorschach more compare with others. why? watch Watchmen then you will know. ^^

i like their smiley icon logo. =)

That's all for now la because i also don't know what else i can write anymore.
Maybe i shall continue watch "SAW 3" ,"SAW 4" and "SAW 5" ( again =.=)

Happy Weekend to everyone!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Here you go! updated!

Been busy since Chinese New Year till Valentine's Day
and now busying with Study and working...

Seriously i tell you, studying and working at the same time is really tiring.
I cant imagine when the final exam period how am i gonna be. @_@

And another thing is dunno is good news or bed news.
my superior will be leaving the company by end of this month.
That mean im all by my own to do the company sales ALONE.
Starting to feel the heavy stress is coming to me now...

Now, I am having sick flu since the morning until now ( midnight ).
I don't allow my body to get weak because my colleague started to get chicken pox since my boss, who the first one then now until the 5th colleague continuously got the chicken pox last 2 day. OMG!
I really don't wish to get any sick or chicken pox at the moment now. If i get sick , who gonna do my works? and how am i gonna go to class?!

Guys, pray for me can? i know you will. thanks =)

Anyway, here are some of the CNY photos while i having the gathering with my awesome secondary school mate.
Photo taken at my house with super yeng car. LOL
At our beloved Hui Lin boutique shop with her son.
Yi Lin's House
Miss Lim's House
Yu Xin's House

Photo grabbed from SinYi's Frienster .

Monday, March 02, 2009

sorry. busy.

sorry sorry

busy since CNY till now.

will be update very very soon.

miss you guys.

take care.