Tuesday, December 27, 2005

oPpss opSss

paiseh paiseh.. so long never update... coz wat? hehe.. everyone know la.. hehe..
law few day tooooooooooo many thing happen d... tat y no time to update loh... but i did uplaod some of my pic at my multyplt blog.. my new hairstyle.. and christmas dinner with family!!hehe.. have a view at my multiply blog la...

hope u all dun mind i din update here la.. hehe.. appreaciate ur 4giveness.... glod bless u allll... ohya, wish all MERRY CHRISTMAS ans HAPPY 2006 NEW YEAR!!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

freE movIa + shopPing aT oNe utaMa

free ticket to the Narnia movie at 1 Utama today 1130am. the ticket free from my best frenz hui giap which from melacca. he work with the OCBC .. then he get some free ticket. then he give me and ask me ask my frenz to go watch it.

me, daniel ,daobin,tommy n his gf dunno wat name(dince tommy duwan tell). we go by tommy wake up around 9am. we go around 10.10am.. but it only take us 30min to get 1 U by car only.. after we arrive, i meet my frenz huigiap and take ticket from him. tat time my sis n her frenz alr there. after we get the ticket then waiting to go in the cinema while waiting voonfei n her gf and keat meng n yeh come. but unfornatuly yeh cant come coz he miss the bus. we get free cold drink n popcorn in the cinema too. NARNIA wat a not bad movie.. 2 hour n a half to finish the movie.

after the movie, we went to take our lunch. we decide to go Wong Kok hong kong food as our lunch. the food just ok for me. n it let me wait almost 30 min =_=||| to eat a okok la food only.. not cheap also.. wat a bu shuang kuai lunch. after tat, voonfei need to go back d. coz her gf got work around 730pm. then we deicede to walk walk in 1 U coz since we seldom can shopping 2gther. then we walk to a SODA shop coz got sale. then daniel decide to buy cloths for cny. n ask me to join them also.. at 1st i duwan to buy anything coz i wanna save money to buy new hp. but then they keep tempting me.. plus im the type of ppl tat cannot tahan shopping when see something i like 1. then we go shop by shop. then really cant tahan d. then think coming day no time to come out to buy cny cloths d then buy now lo.. later only gram money from parent. i brough a long pain, a radioactive shirt , a ROMP teeshirt and a cap. it spend me RM180 alrealy.. cant believe we 4 guy can shop like tat.. shop till 8pm.. we need to back alr.. coz keat meng need to rush back to meet his frenz which wanna fly to US already. then we all go out and take bus to putra station then putra train to KL sentral then ERL to cyberjaya then bus to cyberia. hui giap act wanna back melacca tonight but after shopping with us, he cant make it d. so he overnite at my house 2night loh. it was really tired. 10 am go 10pm back.. 12 hours at outside. really tired.. standing in bus also wanna sleep.. anyway, my frenz here get a new frenz from me. tat was hui giap. they all very frenly. and they was 1st time hui giap come my place. he said it was out of his expectation this place.. so ulu.. haha..

hui giap leave here another day morning 7am. i acc him go down n wait the 868 bus.. anyway, really need to thanks him for coming so long here to give us the free ticket =) you really a good frenz of mine. just i dunno how to express it... frenz forever~!!!

bellow are the pic which we taken in ERL while back to cyber. 4 guy SS in ERL .. haha..

Image hosted by
me myself me myself
Image hosted by
me with my best frenz hui giap
Image hosted by
me and daobin
Image hosted by
me and Daniel with "yum sui" =_=
Image hosted by
"he zhao" in ERL .. ^0^
Image hosted by
"he zhao" no.2.. v(^o^)v

Saturday, December 10, 2005

MaLaysian sTudies pRoject

becoz of this malaysian studies project.. 1st time i rent car at kl.. and drive 2 hour to time square there.. oh god.. the traffic here.. really train my patience.. we rent a kancil.. 1 hour rm5.. drove from cyberia 1240pm to time square there.along the road the kancil quite smooth.. not bad.. but cant drive fast.. coz u know.. kancil very small cc only.. cant adapt it coz normally i drive fast car 1.. hehe.. but really let me headache is the traffic.. jam like hell.. 3pm only reach Wisma Fujian.. ( hokkien hui guan)

at 1st we cant find the buiding coz we 8 ppl in grp no1 been the wisma b4. but after a while we jus found out coz the buidling too nice d. n the name of the wisma was too high till if we din took up our head u sure wont see tat. the wisma is jus like a office.. it different with wat i tot like melacca hokkien hui guan with a old buidlinglike tat.. haha.. we went it then we interview the HQ there.. Miss Lai.. she said we r not the 1st group who came there d..she said morning got 1 grp came n interview her also. then we talk talk talk around 1 hour like tat.. we get many information from her .. b4 leave we snap pic with miss lai also.. after tat. we went to the dunno wat fish ball restorant eat fish ball mee.. tat was a quite famous shop there. but i dunno wat the shop name d.. dunno wat wat wat fish ball la.. very nice.. tat was our lunch on 4pm sumthing.. then after tat drove back to cyberjaya loh.. who drove... me again lo... this time was the 1st time i drove after i get accident in melacca. no1 want to drove all ask me drove.. no choice.... b4 arrive cyberjaya.. we da bao zi bao ji at serdang as our dinner lo.. after back n take bath.. then went to sleep d.. coz really tired drove so whole day car... wake up at 12am n eat my dinner... hehe.. after tat guess wat? cant sleep again lo....

Image hosted by
it was too high till cant see >_<
Image hosted by
malaysian studies group members + miss lai

Wednesday, December 07, 2005


wuahahaha.. around 830pm sumthing.. tommy suddenly YM me.. called me go his house play mahjong... then i after bath then straight away go his house. then we played mahjong gamble with his housemate,Ning. both of them are my PMS project grp mamber also. i accept their invitation to gamble coz i think maybe tat is one of the way we can know each others more. ask keat meng go with me. but he decline. he doin ntg at home ask him go get know his grp mamber he duwan. dunno wat the hell he thinking. me as a grp leader, i must make them alway in grp. coz now the situation is. they dun even know their grp member name.. wat the ****... if u are a leader of the grp, wat u will think.. how u feel if u hav tis kind of grp? haih... duwan talk bout tis, talk back our mahjong. we played from 9pm till 214am.. haha.. while playing they cia me eat ruo kan n bak kut teh mee.. hehe.. nice nice... long time din gamble mahjong d... very syok.. coz i win mostly.. haha.. totally i win RM12.50 from Ning.. haha.. quite alot d .. coz we play RM 1 per "win" 1.. haha.. im the winner today.. haha.. anyway, waste 5 hour to win RM 12.50 like not tat woth it.. but hope tis 5 hour will woth it on our relationship between grp.. v(^o^)v

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

niCe beGin

tonight was the 1st drama class which the teacher come and teach us. is a guy 29 year old. quite famous in drama in malaysia. heard very good in drama 1. 2night he come n teach us... 1st learning drama class not bad. play some game and learn something lo.. tonight got acting also.. but i not sutisfly with my performance =( wanna ac more beter next time. b4 that got alot want to write but now dunno wat to write d.. coz mayb im tired d.. wanna zzzz d.. cant watch ah wong d.. after post tis blog wanna go bed d.. 9am class 2mrw.. cannot late!!!! good night !!!

Monday, December 05, 2005

friEd vegetAble

waste a day again... ydaynite sleep at 6am then wake up at 330pm sumthing. after wake though can safe 1 lunch d. manatau a while later... hungry alr..alone at home. think to eat mcD.. coz long time din eat alr. very wish to eat quite long time d.. but unfortunately cyberia here dun hav any fast food delivery. so charm... then suddenly think to take bus go alamanda buy mcd to eat.. tis idea come to my mind suddenly ... then i was thinking wanna go o not.. coz alone go alamanda .. nvr did b4.. weird... plus think bout wanna take so long to go there jus for mcd? then see the weather so hot tat time. then suddenly jillian mention bout cook while i was chating with her.. then i decide to cook n give up the mcD d. think to cook can curry chicken then wish to eat vegetable also. then go out to the shop to see got any vege to buy o not. there jus hav a cabbage(duno english pronoud rite o not) chinese call bao chai. half of the bao chai cost me RM1.70 . i dunno count expensive o not coz i never buy vege b4. then back home then think how to cook the vege pula. then i phone my mum ask how to cook.. then mum teach me to fried the vege. and jillian give me sum material for me to fried the vege also. coz i also give her a quater of the bao chai. coz is too much for me alone to eat all. then after a few min of fried. the result? haha.. me myself eat few spoon only then duwan eat d.. but the curry chicken quite nice.. but eat alot.. will feel like vomit :p can food no matter how still the can food taste. i will feel like puke if eat too much of can food. in the end, cant finish.. then the vege n some of the curry life stay till 12am. they life end with others rubbish together in the dustbin. keat meng back around 9pm sumthing. sook shiang back around 10pm sumthing. voon fei overnite at gf house. jes n sowvien haven back. ohya, 4get to said, tis afternoon after wake up. i win back 2 sercet resipe from RG.. wuahaha.. no more owe him anything. but i goin to win him at least 1 SR soon.. hehe.. wait n see RG!!! hahaha..
ok la.. tat all wat happen today... bored sunday ... 2mrw monday d.. need to pia again... now wanna watch drama to make me fall sleep la... good9

Sunday, December 04, 2005

yahOo gAmes

went to study around 12am sumthing... but very soon.. tired d.. then back to my laptop.. chat with some frenz... wanna have a voice conference with old frenz.. manatau suddenly leave a msg: " want go pure d, bye" then the ym sign out. =_=||| ntg to do.. then chat with RG. he bored with his drama also. then i suggest to play yahoo game with him since i long time din play d. we played quite alot game. at last we found a quite nice the game. 1st dunno to play then after tat know d quite fun. but bcoz of tat . last round i lost. then lost to him a SR cake. =_=||| i gonna fight back my SR cake! aza... aza.... haha..
just finidh the game. them back from pure bar d. then i go luan them coz i was jeolous them can go enjoy while i was play the stupid yahoo games with a bored guy <= RG (haha) anyway, today doin ntg. watch movie.. watch ah wong.. on9.. chatting.. Gunbound a while.. then on9 on9 on9.... 2mrw must study d!!! must!!! else i gonna fail tis sem d!!! must gambatea to myself!!!

those pic is my latest pic. but is was taken last month.. 2 nov 2005 while holiday at melacca. long hair pic...

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by
Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by
Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by

Saturday, December 03, 2005

aloNe weeKend aGain

alone again? ya.. like before.. 2 go back hometown.. one overnight at gf place.. 1 go mlc find bf.. me? in room writing blog here lo... always sleep late.. already become tabiat d.. feel weird if sleep early... haha.. weird huh..
some ppl said alone good mah... but for me.. eh.. dunno .. still dun really like it.. mayb im the type tat dun like alone gua.. wanna always be with frenz.. wanna be with some one i like always.. lonely will make me weak like tat.. like no spirit no strange like tat.. one of the example.. i rather at home eat maggie than go out eat alone.. go town shop? nah.. wont do tat alone.. when lonely i will think bout my frenz.. a frenz tat last time very very close.. but now.. wonder how her life now... still miss the time we chichat... although always act cool infront of her.. always try to make her not assist infront of me.. thought can forget... but quite a time d.. still cant remove her from my heart/mind.. mayb i still miss the frenship between me n her bah.. anyway, she still in my heart till now. wish her happy always.
MAE11, i still cant accept i crash it myself. the crash till fresh in my mind. the feeling is like u kill the one tat u like with ur own hand.
frenz asking why duwan back home? mayb is bcoz i still cant accept when i come out from my house i cant see tat maroon colour wira. or mayb is bcoz bored at mlc. no car to ask frenz out. n mayb is bcoz parent called me dun back. coz they duwan me to rush back n rush back cyber again. n them always though tat im busy with study here. anyway, back mlc quite expensive also. 1 trip need rm15. go n back need rm30 1 time. mayb tat all is the reason i din back melacca.

3:33am.. what should i goin to do?

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

DramA claSs

ydaynite think too blog d.. but too tired d then lazy to wrote d.. ydaynite i went to the drama class.. 1st drama class.. they gonna hav ice breaking for us new member who joined the class.. but dun really like ice breaking 1. then i asked my frenz + housemate keat meng to acc me. thks god he acc me.. hehe.. when i was arrive the class. it was few ppl inside only.. like no enough 10 ppl only.. n almost all is seniour 1.. then i also din expert much lo.. coz cyber cls mah... not like mlc cls tat famous.. then time by time.. more n more ppl come loh.. got some juniour come also at last.. almost got half guy half gal in whole member la.. then we start out 1st class. the leader name ju hao lead us to do exercise b4 geting start the ice breaking. quite long the exercise take. n quite tired to do those exercise... mayb i long time d exercise d.. bone all old d.. then after the exercise, we play some games for the ice breaking lo.. like member 1 by 1 dance follow the music., game tat need to memories membersss name, play ur mind lo. see weather u phlegm o not lo... n play acting lo.. at first b4 the ice breaking it's really bored me... my frenz ask me to back early also.. but after the ice breaking , get knew new friend there.. then no regret for came the class ydayntie. keat meng also said he wanna come again next week. coz next week we gonna really start class d. the teacher will come n teach us d. anyway, this is wat i interest now.. i was think quite long time dunno want join o not.. coz scare later no time to study. but think another way tat if i duwan join now i hav no more chance to join next time d. but at last i take the move to join d. n ask my frenz to join at last also. i like tis class. i wont easy giveup tis drama class.. so hope we everyone can hav a nice perfomance in stage coming day. drama rulez!!!

p/s:: today is my mum bday.. wish my mum hpy birthday d.. and healty always!!!
yesterday my bro bday.. wish him hpy birthday alsoo.. and good luck in spm !!!

Saturday, November 26, 2005


like wat u can guess from my tittle.. no more mae11.. i jus seriously crash my car 17 hour b4.. dunno how to desricbe my feeling now.. tat wira totaly crash.. can use anymore... whole wira back is gone after i came down from car .. n i was suprise to see tat. went back from frenz house at 4am sumthing.. i was tired n wana get back home as fast as i am.. 1 of the corner at bukit beruang.. that was mae11 died there. i was lost control at that control.. then my wira back was hit the opposite road side tree.. my mind totally blank tat time.. aftertat i drove my car to a side.i cant come out the the door. need to come out from the another door. im no injured. but after came down n see my wira. only 1 word come to my mind" holly shit, my dad gonna kill me!" coz the whole wira back side all seriously crash. almost like no back d. i walk to the road, pick up all the sisa-sisa of the car.. the number plat.. the back light.. i called my frenz. and call my mum to call my dad come.. coz i dunno wat to do.. many malay come n look around.. my dad come n i was been scold by my dad. i really heart pain see the wira crash till like tat.. aftertat, my dad drove the wira back.. n my 2nd bring me back home. at home, my mum was very worried me.she keep on ask me i got injured or not.. i said no but they dun believe. want me drink the "paper burn" "hu sui" water. i really hate myself . i shoundn't drink fast.. i lost my dad car. i make my dad not gonna to trust me anymore. i maked my mum worried.. i dun hav car to drive anymore... morning, my parent want me to go clinic to check up.. i told them im ok they dun believe. i duno how to descibe my feeling now.. until now, my mind still blurblur blankblank.. i dunno how to type out n dunno wat i hav type out here.. i lost the MAE11.. and thks god i still alive now...

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Mai ya Ha

原詞曲/刀疤南  歌詞/五支蔥
速唱副歌中文音譯 :

[A x4]

上路 三貼哥
吸鐵路 魚皮拉麵
大寫ST鱸 欠你米

鱸鰻 鱸鰻ㄝ!
鱸鰻 鱸鰻 鱸鰻ㄝ!
喵咪忒喜帖 偶去貼

大寫ST鱸 欠你米

[C x2 A x4 C x2]

Friday, November 11, 2005


think to send u a goodnight msg but after think bout wat for i send to u and
u delete straight away coz duwan bf to suspect anything. then i press the cancel

2:06am.. i hope i can get in sleep tonight. coz recently my sleep time totallu
terbalik with normal malaysian life. i slept at 8am wake up 4 or 5pm sumthing.
how terrible. think to do many thing b4 sleep then after wake up all plan gone.
ydaynite,watch movie,eat,ps2,listen radio,read comic,talk phone,sms.. that all i done
in my midnight. i must turn back my sleep time b4 i went cyberjaya.else i gonna skip my
all classes d..recently very lazy and no choice need to do the flyers thing..
very mafan and very luan.. and i found out tat.. the commitee the club the society till
the melacca better... before my sis said tis xx club better than others club.. but now
i dunt think so.. i still think tat my malacca cls still win abit on the xx club. coz the
way they do thing very luan. cant plan sistemantic.. maybe i wrong.. anyway, the event goona
coming soon. hope all the thing can go smooth. dint wish for get the best but i hope that wont
get any trouble tat enough. still got time to prepare.. hope the coming day can prove my view
on tis are wrong. good luck to all commitee..

ohya,talk bout luck. few hour more later, most of my frenz gonna have their sptm 1st paper.
hope they doin well in exam. coz i know they really study hard for tis exam.hope they can
try their best best bestest in the exam so tat they wont regret for study like hell in 2 year.
and wish me lots of luck for their exam. i pray for u all here. GOOD LUCK and GAMBATeh!!!

p/s:: happy birthday to one of my very fei frenz HOCK KHIM!!!


Sunday, November 06, 2005

laTe diaRy

::?? nov 2005::
my best buddy call me from aus.. he just back from the camp(dunno how to explain the camp)
. he told me he pos me a perfume.. but i dunno he did.. and just knew the perfume lost..
dunno gone to where.. wondering why the perfume in the pack he post me.. the perfume name is "Aquo Di Gio"..
is mini size 1.. tat perfume is his favourite perfume.. very sad after knew it gone... he said tat perfume
is bring luck to me 1.. wonder why it will gone.. but anyway, buddy is ok.. that perfume alr bring me pass my
proggraming d.. coz i wonder why my proggramming will pass also.. mayb is bcoz of the perfume u give me.. although
i din received.. but i get the fuction of the lucky perfume d.. very thanks you my bro =)
i appreaciate your gift.. thanks thanks thanks X200000

::2 nov 2005::
take my lunch mian fen gao at outside my taman alone then went tzu chi study.
hui giap leave to his tuition after i arrive there and listen 3 song of my new jay album.
left me n huigiap frenz dunno wat his name and choon yen there study.
me on9 till no bateri.. then hui giap frenz leave.. left me and choon yen there...
no mood to study that time.. keep on find choon yen talk.. then find meiyin shi gu chat..
around 6pm sumthing i jus start my study on proggramming...
8pm.. choon yen went back.. left me alone study...
9pm.. li xiang call me to go out.. then i back home take my dinner..
10pm at greenworld find hock khim chat.. play card.. chit chat till 12++am..
back home.. cant sleep... then find some1 sms.. and call sumore(4get who)...

::3 nov 2005::
today is hari raya 1st day... wake up at 1pm... think to go tzu chi.. but think bout
later night need to go out with cousin which came from perak.. then at last din
go tzu chi d.. whole after play ps2 winning eleven at home. 4pm watch 8tv "step foward"..
5pm bath.. 6pm went out to simply fish eat with cousin...
8pm went mp.. with cousin kidssss... very bored.. coz i suppose to meet my frenz sinyi..
coz today is her bday. then around 10 sumthing.. dismiss with family meet sinyi and frenz
at mp bowling center...played for bowling till 12am.. then went xuan cafe celeb sinyi bday.
quite long din meet sinyi since she go study at pahang. happy bday to her and hope her wish come truth.
meet another frenz ai nan there also.. quite long din meet her d also.. knew her very pia for her stpm now..
coz she said she wanna study lawyer after f6.. gambatea to her also... wish she can gets her lawyer dream.
bye with them around 2am. fetch my sis back n ai nan back.. then go find hui giap hav a talk.coz know he must
be haven sleep and very stress now.. have a lil talk at his house outside then we went to pasar borong to have
some supper.. but too bad, almost 4am d.. no food there alr.. then went back home.

::4nov 2005::
wake up late around 1pm sumthing.. after take my breakfast+lunch. then went to tzu chi again..
today shi gu 2nd daughter till work there.. she a gal type tat i like. she elder than me 1 year.. study at UTAR..
i started to suspect the reason i go tzu chi. is for study? or see her? but at last i dun hav the braveness to talk to
her also.. why? maybe is becoz i dun hav the confident bout myself or maybe is bcoz she alr got bf make me scare to think more far.
study till 7pm sumthing.. feel hungry... then went back home. after dinner.. watch tv a ps2 a while.. then watch DVD in my room...
still cant sleep.. then call my frenz to chat a while.. then dunno how i fall in sleep d....

::5nov 2005::
wake up 12:30pm sumthing.. went to CREATIVE cut my hair.. haha.. no one realise i cut my hair.. still no different much..
coz i din cut many.. coz i wanna keep long till b4 CNY to change my hairstyle... meet hockkhim at CREATIVE..then go find lixiang..
after that around 5pm thengo find ah piong.. and go tzu chi find hui giap.. meet shi gu 2nd daughter there.. i think tat the last time i meet her d...
coz she gonna back utar 2mrw d.. miss her? haha.. siao..
then we went to have my breakfast+lunch+dinner at melaka baru...quite a long time we 4 never have a meal 2gther d since.... i not sure also...
but still very miss the moment when we in secondary school time.. we are the hang always hang out 2gther.. from the time we dunhav transport.. take bus to mp,
bicycle, all cars d.. miss that moment.. now they all bzing their stpm.. anyway, i truly wish them good luck in the exam..
night, play ps2 again.. 10pm,huigiap come and find me and play winning eleven with me.. then went for supper around 1:30am..then back at around 230pm coz raining..
sms with siaw yin before wrote this.. she din reply me.. i think she fall in sleep d.. wat i gonna do now? still thinking...
1 more week gonna start class d.. and i gonna start hard working d.. dunwan like tis suck 1st sem..
ok, gonna stop here d.. 1 time write 4 day diary.. haha.. miss u all guyss.. and miss ya.. sy...

Monday, October 31, 2005

i paSs ?!??!!

i pass?!?!!!!
i cant believe i pass my proggraming... get C+ sumore... cant believe man.... whole paper dunno to do in final exam wooo.... unbelieveable....
others, digital system get B. technique math get C, technical communication get C+, multimedia technology and application get C. that all my result for my 1st sem. cgp only get 2.49.. haih.. this is really no good for the 1st sem 1st year of the degree.... overall that was the most easy sem but i only get 2.49.. haih... so charm.. i wonder how i gonna survive coming days... haih.. ya.. although i pass.. but i still neeed to do alots of revision. i pass coz that is damn lucky d.. but lucky wont b everytime.. i cant lie tis time but i cant lie eveytime. tcp 1 also so hard.. coming sem got tcp 2.. oh god.. i really need to study damn hard now... must b hard working boy..haha..
anyway, feel bad bout my friend. she fail her programming.. she gonna take suplemental paper after this.. hope she can study hard from now.. and be confident.. i believe you can 1... fully pray for her and wish her all the best in her exam. support u here... =)

blAnk nitE

just finish 1 movie. very nice the movie. especially the action part. the actor keep jumping from building to buliding.
so yeng. the movie name is B13 BANLIEUE 13. is a france movie. now bcome 1 of my DVD collection now. hehe..
wanna go bed n turn my light off.but suddenly heard someone crawling my room door.then i open the door.
is was my house puppy GIGI. dunno why 2night she duwan sleep. her bed was at living hall.but dunno why
today she din sleep.. come and find me.. haha.. so weird so cute she... now she lying on floor just bside my leg..
raining outside. good weather for sleep..dunno tonight wat time i can fall in sleep.. recently cant sleep early...
now waiting my frenz sweetie sms me.. she was studying for her exam on coming wednesday.raya holiday still need to
exam so charm her.. anyway, i moral support her here la.. hope he study well there n wont fall in sleep.. coz i waiting
her msg!!! haha.. and now what should i do now? go out and play my WINNING ELEVEN? or jus lye on my bed?
hmm... still thinking... 2morw need to go tzu ji online n study again.. online is bcoz result release 2morw.. how i feel?
see the blog bellow la.. haha.. k la.. 2night mood no bad la.. gonna stop here d.. ciao~


Sunday, October 30, 2005

miSs u nIght

cant sleep 2night. think to smoke but cant coz at home now.
no place to smoke. middle nite cant go out also.
you should be forget me already bah.. 3 week d.. since we lost contact.
wonder how you are hard at your ah ma shop? =)
still cant 4get the time be with you... the day the night that
we chat... the moment we being together. suddenly so miss the moment...
my friend see my blog thought i break up with my gf.. haha.. anyway,how my feeling
toward you now i not really sure also... i just wanna to be you friend that's all
never think others... really.. but unforfunate you already keep back ur heart...
anyway,i never hate you doin that also... i hope u will forget me as soon as possible also...
coz that the only way for u to feel better for urself and for him. alhought still feel bu gan xin
lost this frenship.but is ok la.. really... coz i know friendship not important to
anyone... that the truth and i faced it. just hope you doing well there...
enjoy your holiday... sincerely pray for you...


Friday, October 28, 2005

waitiNg geT nOthing

wait wait wait wait... from 330pm wait till 5pm.. so worry, so neavous, so panic.. manatau, popo send me a buletin msg. it said the some ppl result will b release on next monday.. =_=||| geram sial... waste my time to wait so long in tzu ji cafe.. n make me so nervous... anyway, i know my programming goin to fail d 1.. just wanna check i fail how many paper.. nervous and panic is bout scare i fail 4 paper.. coz if fail 4 paper is look like the ptptn will terminate borrow money to us d.. so that is wat i worry bout loo... wat to do.. angry also not use... need to wait till monday then come tzu ji here on9 again lo... no choice also... haih... god bless me dun fail so many la... i will burn u more gold n silver... pray for myself....

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


friendship important? izit important for u all? for us?
somebody they really care bout friendship. sumbody always concern their friendship. somebody never care bout their friendship they hav. they treat the friendship just like a piece of shit. no price at all. mean ? do u appreaciate shit?

ya. most of the gals care wat ppl think on them talked bout them. but izit those fake rumour important than our friendship? u care bout wat ppl said but u never care bout our frenship?

ya. most of the gals got bf already very hard to get close guy frenz. but if we are clear why and what u wanna scare for? plus,if ur bf really luv u, he will trust u rather than suspect u.

friend cannot care bout friend? concern bout friend? worry bout friend? you duwan me to care bout you so you avoid me. dun let me know wat had happen on you. even tat u in sick. do this still call friend? unless the friend u mean is those "hie and bye" friend. those never even care bout friend.

you solve the prob with how you think. but you never care bout how i think. ohya,i 4get you never care bout me, even tat i dint in ur heart at all. what i did? why i did tat? i try very hard to safe this friendship coz i care bout this friendship. this friendship is important to me. is priceless... that's why i duwan to lost u.. but... u never appreaciate our friendship at all.

since you want our friendship become like tat. then i have nothing else can do anymore. hope the day without me you can live happily as before the day u never knew me. sorry for give you so many trouble after knowing me. im appologize sincerely. take care my friend, my special friend once.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

meLaccA hoMetowN

jus back my hometown melacca yday. bring so heavy beg back. melacca damn hot la.. sit on living hall play ps2 games also will weat. hot hothot..need to bath so manytime.. hotter than cyber... nothing to do here.. yday once back only then find my frenz to go out makan. at 1st, ask wan yin them.. but she decline invitation... so crue.. coz they wanna back their hometown d.. so i thinking can ask them go makan siham b4 they back mah... haih...but then nvm la.. next time lo.. if still got chance. then i ask my secondary school frenz lo... wanna go makan siham but dunno y so unlucky the stall din open. then we went for eat siham kueyteow for my dinner.. then we go taman merdeka yamcha till almost 12am. gonna back d.. coz they got school 2mrw.. then they need to go back study for stpm.. haih.. 1 month holiday at mlc sure very sien coz frenz all busy study their stpm. so i just can play ps2 n watch conan loh.. coz all my drama,movie n anime and my photo in my hdd all gone!!! =( ALL GONE my photo... haih... k la.. i using house pc now. the keyboard sot sot d. hard to type. n the connection here damn slow.. coz no streamyx.. update next time.. happy holiday~!!!

Monday, October 10, 2005

ChanGed => avOideD

"you are avoiding me now... i can feel feeling never very obvious these two day. ya. u sure will said "no ah","where got" with those question mark bhind. ya..i know you u avoid, coz u duwan ppl misunderstood... u duwan to explain... u care what ppl look n said bout u... that y u avoid me... i though we can become at least a best frenz, a good frenz, a special frenz tat we can share though everything, every sigle thing.. but now look like it cant b anymore...i miss the day b4...i miss the day i care bout u... n you care bout me... i can feel ur worry ur concern...butnow.. i feel im like naked in the north moutain... cold.. very cool... im just a nothing for you... can i back to time we jus know each others? can i?

i like to online chatting with you. i like to sms with u although u sometime din reply me. but both of that better than meeting u. u jus treat me very cool. it really different from the net n phone. i dunno which 1 is real u... i am what in ur heart? or i never in your heart ever?

u still deeply in my heart. that the fact. and my heart will always care n worry bout you. i have not choice.. not i want treat you anything special.just my heart cant accept myself to see u suffer or not feeling well.u moody not hpy sure i wont b hpy.
my care for you until 2day never change.

i never wish for anything.. or ask for anything..jus like before... i just want back to the day b4... a frenz.. a special frenz... "

sorry for late update.. coz went for Port dickson trip with a gang of frenz. not bad trip. i like he banana boot =) coming day, i will seldom update also. coz having holiday for 1 month now.mayb will go update at anyplace got internet bah.. coz house not internet...

goin back melacca 2mrw... miss my home... anyway, happy holiday to me...

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


eveything happen too fast... i though u r the one that i found.. the one that i can share everything with ya... the one i can trust fully... the one that u will care about me.. at least a little i wish to... but at last .. im think i wrong... everything still the same... many thing happen last few week... but it look like all is me myself zi zuo duo qing.. is back to the day i come here... all alone.. all lonely... all i want is jus some one can care bout me.. concern bout me... when i moody have someone that can listen me to complain... someone that can make me feel better when i down... reduce my anger when i was mad... izit hard for me to find someone like this? girlfrenz hard to find.. but it look like true friend also hard to meet... my best frenz how r u there? quite a long time u din call me d... tat day i was totally down i called you but u never ans my phone... no one accompany tat night.. i just want to talk to sumbody but.. at last no one i found out... only cigaratte acc me... that was my 1st time really smoke... and i hate it... i hate it very much... coz i really dun like the smell and it make my stomach uncomfortable... but who know? the ans still the same "no one"!
study?! no 1 know how bad my study now... coz wat i studying now totally out of my interest... love? am i really bad? i just need some one that i care and she care bout me.. future? i think collect rubbish is the best job for me...
feel like wanna go racing to reduce my stress my moody but nothing else i can do here... unlesss... stand at the corridoor... see the sky with smelly smoke... i hate myself now... can i reborn? can i back to the day i choose my course? can i back to the day she still single?
my mind was totally blank now... wishing sumbody that i can talk to........

anyway, the gf bellow was a lie... u guys really think tat i will hav gf?! can hav a good beautiful gal?! if u really think that.. then i thanks you for that... and sorry for telling tat i bluff u... coz i jus bluffing myself that i got gf... sorry guys....

my mind was totally blank now... no mood study for exam... haih... useless me...
wishing sumbody that i can share to now........ miss you....

Sunday, October 02, 2005

my girlfrienD

Image hosted by
ok la ok la.. duwan bluff u all d la.. actually i got gf 1 month already.. and this is my gf.. suprise??? hehe... think to duwan tell u all so fast.. but u all keep asking me.. then now telling loh.. no more asking k!!
she snap this pic in my room ydaynite... pretty leh.. look like yang zhen ling rite? hehe...

Saturday, October 01, 2005

my HanD?

haha... nothing to do.. lazy to study... then snap my hand.. haha...

Image hosted by
my left hand

Image hosted by
my right hand

Special frienD

shevin teoh qingqi
im spell right bah this time?! haha..
anyway, know tis gal eh... 1 month before from now gua.. because of RMMU day then know tis gal... that time dunno wanna join which department then go find her msn and ask her which 1 better... haha.. that's is our 1st chat... then after tat we know each others more n more n more loh.. chat till morning .. jus like chat 24 hour!!! both tired already but still duwan go sleep... then keep on said " u sleep i sleep".. haha.. till now become very very frenz loh... i think she know me more than i know her... always i tell her my thing she never tell me her thing.. or mayb i talk too much already gua.. haha... anyway, this gal really cute n adorable 1.. especially her voice.. haha.. once u guy heard u sure will say "kawaiiiiii... " haha.. n feel like cubik her cute face... hey guy, dun believe me? it's real!!! u sure think she act cute.. nope! she really real cute... believe me ;) anyway, cute cute 1.. mostly ppl will say cute = childish ... but after meet tis gal.. dun think so d.. coz she cute but.. the way she think mature... ofcoz i mature than her la...( although my face look like kids =_=) but sumtime this gal dunno how her think 1 loh... need me this kor kor teach her n consult her 1 ... but at last end with ntg. coz she NEVER listen to me!!! wont u guys geram when someone asking u then duwan listen wat u said?! geram rite?! n she said she 4getfull 1 woo... coz she always forget wat i told her... then need ppl to repeat repeat and repeat... geram mah? kek ki leh....
anyway, u guy after this see this blog and picture sure said she r my gf?!?! nope.. she got her lovely bf d.. so sweet both of them 1.. coz always lou gong lou po in msging.. hahaha.. (accidently saw it :p) haha.. and she now is my special friend. y special friend? coz we jus know each others cannot count as best friend yet... not normal frenz coz she know me more than others.. izit? haha.. dunno la.. hope after the RMMU day we wont lost contact lah... take care n happiness always =)

p/s: must put purple front bcoz this gal siao purple 1... hehe..

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my 19th bIrtHd@y

on 31th august merdeka day there night ...
we having a big and expensive steamboat at my cyber house...
for all my cyber frenz and housemate...
then we play mahjong after ate full full...
1st time play mahjong at cyber here...
then we ate the cake which buy from big fish...
blueberry cheesecake...
haha.. bcoz they sing the bday song too loud..
the too much guard too and complain pula...
sohai guard...
but then last, not present from them =( haha..

on 2nd september..
back melacca...
on that night, hang out with my alpha gang...
but this time left siaw yin.. coz she lansi, action, diao gei now loh... dun give face to me! :p
we decide to go simply fish eat the "ocean suprime" that we desperate so long time ago 1,
but at last the waitress said no more prawn already coz when we reach there already 10.30pm already... "ocean suprime" sold out!!! =(
y late to simply fish there?
actually was plan to go fetch them at 9pm..
because i need to fetch my frenz suzie brother jason with at melacca study 1, he need to go back penang on that night. then i promise his sis must make sure him safe on bus. that time when we arrive sentral, all go north ticket all already sold out. then we try our best to get ticket loh.. coz jason need to go back penang to celeb his dad birthday... then at last, thanks god we found out a bus wish go penang on 930pm 1... then after make sure jason on in bus... then i ma racing to fetch u all loh.. that the reason why im late...

continuo with our simply fish,
no more ocean suprime then we order others to eat loh.. others not bad also la..
what we eat i will put out the pic later bellow..
after simply fish, we go for sercet resipe to eat cheese cake..
we order 5 different type of cheese cake... pic will b show bellow..
then the most crazy thing begin now,
they all suddenly siao with snapping pic with handphone!!!
wanyin nokia phone , RG and popo sonyericson k700i...
because im the bday guy on that night, then guess what?
sure i kena snap by them loh!!!
snap snap snap...
till the others customer in sercet resipe also laugh us...
paiseh sial...
after finish eat cheese cake ,
dabao cheese cake for siaw yin loh.. since she never giv face to me but i also sayang her 1 de.. haha

after sercet resipe,cause the time still early .. 1am only.. then we decide to go drink 'tong sui' .
we go the tong sui stall which at opposite my primary school there 1.there famous with the tong sui 1..
what we order? we order "liu wei bin" .. pic bellow...
after order, what they do?
snap snap snap....
after eat n snap.. every1 since tired d.. then i fetch them all back 1 by 1 loh..
in the end of my 19th bday, we end with 600 piece of picture!!!
never snap that so many pic on my birthday before!!! 1st time!!!
anyway, thanks the green jacket they present me.. thanks lot i like it...

the night after tis,
celeb my bday with family..
dad bring us go sushi king!!! suprise? coz he dun like eat sushi 1.. always complain many many 1... but that night so weird, he said mum n sis like to eat sushi then we go eat loh.. while eating,my dad complain some some also la.. haha.. but we enjoy the dinner happily... i dunno wat we eat d..(since i seldom go sushiking) we order different type 1 loh.. 4get to snap pic tis time... so u all cant know wat i ate... wat we ate almost rm200.. after discount also need to paid rm150 sumthing!!! damn expensive.. that is why i seldom eat sushi king.. cant eat full but expensive..

then we jalan jalan in JJ ( jaya jusco) then go back celeb my day... we used to celeb our bday 2gther with family 1...all ppl in family sure will celeb with him/her 1... include our house 3 dog! hehe..
the present i get from my family?
Ray ban sunglasses
a sunglassse that i wish to buy since quite long time ago d.. cant expect mydad will go find it n buy for me.. thks to dad,my mum, n my sister bro!!! I really like the sunglasses , sure very expensive 1.. ray ban wooo!!! aligato gozaimas!!!

anyway, thks to all my frenz who sms me,ym me,msn me, call me and wish me happy birthday 1.. thks for the wish, the card and the present!!! thks...

ohya, i must cannot 4get tis!!!
thanks to my best buddy jiing shiang which now at australia 1!!!
he pos me the present from aus!!!
a very nice card, i know must b he do it hisself 1.. very nice..
and a leaf, now the leaf is with me at cyber already. in my room infront of me now..
the a billabong brand wallet!!! very usefull for me coz my waller spoil d.. hehe.. i using it now!!!
really thanks you my best buddy.. you coming back on coming CNY.. we must to traveling or wat. cause i bet we sure will chat alot.. 3 day 3 night also not enough.. since we how many year din see each others d.. miss u here.. hope to see u soon!!!! n hope u r fine there... thks the present.. i like it ;")

picture time!!! these are some of the 600 pic!! hehe...

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