Monday, October 10, 2005

ChanGed => avOideD

"you are avoiding me now... i can feel feeling never very obvious these two day. ya. u sure will said "no ah","where got" with those question mark bhind. ya..i know you u avoid, coz u duwan ppl misunderstood... u duwan to explain... u care what ppl look n said bout u... that y u avoid me... i though we can become at least a best frenz, a good frenz, a special frenz tat we can share though everything, every sigle thing.. but now look like it cant b anymore...i miss the day b4...i miss the day i care bout u... n you care bout me... i can feel ur worry ur concern...butnow.. i feel im like naked in the north moutain... cold.. very cool... im just a nothing for you... can i back to time we jus know each others? can i?

i like to online chatting with you. i like to sms with u although u sometime din reply me. but both of that better than meeting u. u jus treat me very cool. it really different from the net n phone. i dunno which 1 is real u... i am what in ur heart? or i never in your heart ever?

u still deeply in my heart. that the fact. and my heart will always care n worry bout you. i have not choice.. not i want treat you anything special.just my heart cant accept myself to see u suffer or not feeling well.u moody not hpy sure i wont b hpy.
my care for you until 2day never change.

i never wish for anything.. or ask for anything..jus like before... i just want back to the day b4... a frenz.. a special frenz... "

sorry for late update.. coz went for Port dickson trip with a gang of frenz. not bad trip. i like he banana boot =) coming day, i will seldom update also. coz having holiday for 1 month now.mayb will go update at anyplace got internet bah.. coz house not internet...

goin back melacca 2mrw... miss my home... anyway, happy holiday to me...

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