Saturday, October 01, 2005

Special frienD

shevin teoh qingqi
im spell right bah this time?! haha..
anyway, know tis gal eh... 1 month before from now gua.. because of RMMU day then know tis gal... that time dunno wanna join which department then go find her msn and ask her which 1 better... haha.. that's is our 1st chat... then after tat we know each others more n more n more loh.. chat till morning .. jus like chat 24 hour!!! both tired already but still duwan go sleep... then keep on said " u sleep i sleep".. haha.. till now become very very frenz loh... i think she know me more than i know her... always i tell her my thing she never tell me her thing.. or mayb i talk too much already gua.. haha... anyway, this gal really cute n adorable 1.. especially her voice.. haha.. once u guy heard u sure will say "kawaiiiiii... " haha.. n feel like cubik her cute face... hey guy, dun believe me? it's real!!! u sure think she act cute.. nope! she really real cute... believe me ;) anyway, cute cute 1.. mostly ppl will say cute = childish ... but after meet tis gal.. dun think so d.. coz she cute but.. the way she think mature... ofcoz i mature than her la...( although my face look like kids =_=) but sumtime this gal dunno how her think 1 loh... need me this kor kor teach her n consult her 1 ... but at last end with ntg. coz she NEVER listen to me!!! wont u guys geram when someone asking u then duwan listen wat u said?! geram rite?! n she said she 4getfull 1 woo... coz she always forget wat i told her... then need ppl to repeat repeat and repeat... geram mah? kek ki leh....
anyway, u guy after this see this blog and picture sure said she r my gf?!?! nope.. she got her lovely bf d.. so sweet both of them 1.. coz always lou gong lou po in msging.. hahaha.. (accidently saw it :p) haha.. and she now is my special friend. y special friend? coz we jus know each others cannot count as best friend yet... not normal frenz coz she know me more than others.. izit? haha.. dunno la.. hope after the RMMU day we wont lost contact lah... take care n happiness always =)

p/s: must put purple front bcoz this gal siao purple 1... hehe..

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