Tuesday, December 27, 2005

oPpss opSss

paiseh paiseh.. so long never update... coz wat? hehe.. everyone know la.. hehe..
law few day tooooooooooo many thing happen d... tat y no time to update loh... but i did uplaod some of my pic at my multyplt blog.. my new hairstyle.. and christmas dinner with family!!hehe.. have a view at my multiply blog la...

hope u all dun mind i din update here la.. hehe.. appreaciate ur 4giveness.... glod bless u allll... ohya, wish all MERRY CHRISTMAS ans HAPPY 2006 NEW YEAR!!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

freE movIa + shopPing aT oNe utaMa

free ticket to the Narnia movie at 1 Utama today 1130am. the ticket free from my best frenz hui giap which from melacca. he work with the OCBC .. then he get some free ticket. then he give me and ask me ask my frenz to go watch it.

me, daniel ,daobin,tommy n his gf dunno wat name(dince tommy duwan tell). we go by tommy wake up around 9am. we go around 10.10am.. but it only take us 30min to get 1 U by car only.. after we arrive, i meet my frenz huigiap and take ticket from him. tat time my sis n her frenz alr there. after we get the ticket then waiting to go in the cinema while waiting voonfei n her gf and keat meng n yeh come. but unfornatuly yeh cant come coz he miss the bus. we get free cold drink n popcorn in the cinema too. NARNIA wat a not bad movie.. 2 hour n a half to finish the movie.

after the movie, we went to take our lunch. we decide to go Wong Kok hong kong food as our lunch. the food just ok for me. n it let me wait almost 30 min =_=||| to eat a okok la food only.. not cheap also.. wat a bu shuang kuai lunch. after tat, voonfei need to go back d. coz her gf got work around 730pm. then we deicede to walk walk in 1 U coz since we seldom can shopping 2gther. then we walk to a SODA shop coz got sale. then daniel decide to buy cloths for cny. n ask me to join them also.. at 1st i duwan to buy anything coz i wanna save money to buy new hp. but then they keep tempting me.. plus im the type of ppl tat cannot tahan shopping when see something i like 1. then we go shop by shop. then really cant tahan d. then think coming day no time to come out to buy cny cloths d then buy now lo.. later only gram money from parent. i brough a long pain, a radioactive shirt , a ROMP teeshirt and a cap. it spend me RM180 alrealy.. cant believe we 4 guy can shop like tat.. shop till 8pm.. we need to back alr.. coz keat meng need to rush back to meet his frenz which wanna fly to US already. then we all go out and take bus to putra station then putra train to KL sentral then ERL to cyberjaya then bus to cyberia. hui giap act wanna back melacca tonight but after shopping with us, he cant make it d. so he overnite at my house 2night loh. it was really tired. 10 am go 10pm back.. 12 hours at outside. really tired.. standing in bus also wanna sleep.. anyway, my frenz here get a new frenz from me. tat was hui giap. they all very frenly. and they was 1st time hui giap come my place. he said it was out of his expectation this place.. so ulu.. haha..

hui giap leave here another day morning 7am. i acc him go down n wait the 868 bus.. anyway, really need to thanks him for coming so long here to give us the free ticket =) you really a good frenz of mine. just i dunno how to express it... frenz forever~!!!

bellow are the pic which we taken in ERL while back to cyber. 4 guy SS in ERL .. haha..

Image hosted by
me myself me myself
Image hosted by
me with my best frenz hui giap
Image hosted by
me and daobin
Image hosted by
me and Daniel with "yum sui" =_=
Image hosted by
"he zhao" in ERL .. ^0^
Image hosted by
"he zhao" no.2.. v(^o^)v

Saturday, December 10, 2005

MaLaysian sTudies pRoject

becoz of this malaysian studies project.. 1st time i rent car at kl.. and drive 2 hour to time square there.. oh god.. the traffic here.. really train my patience.. we rent a kancil.. 1 hour rm5.. drove from cyberia 1240pm to time square there.along the road the kancil quite smooth.. not bad.. but cant drive fast.. coz u know.. kancil very small cc only.. cant adapt it coz normally i drive fast car 1.. hehe.. but really let me headache is the traffic.. jam like hell.. 3pm only reach Wisma Fujian.. ( hokkien hui guan)

at 1st we cant find the buiding coz we 8 ppl in grp no1 been the wisma b4. but after a while we jus found out coz the buidling too nice d. n the name of the wisma was too high till if we din took up our head u sure wont see tat. the wisma is jus like a office.. it different with wat i tot like melacca hokkien hui guan with a old buidlinglike tat.. haha.. we went it then we interview the HQ there.. Miss Lai.. she said we r not the 1st group who came there d..she said morning got 1 grp came n interview her also. then we talk talk talk around 1 hour like tat.. we get many information from her .. b4 leave we snap pic with miss lai also.. after tat. we went to the dunno wat fish ball restorant eat fish ball mee.. tat was a quite famous shop there. but i dunno wat the shop name d.. dunno wat wat wat fish ball la.. very nice.. tat was our lunch on 4pm sumthing.. then after tat drove back to cyberjaya loh.. who drove... me again lo... this time was the 1st time i drove after i get accident in melacca. no1 want to drove all ask me drove.. no choice.... b4 arrive cyberjaya.. we da bao zi bao ji at serdang as our dinner lo.. after back n take bath.. then went to sleep d.. coz really tired drove so whole day car... wake up at 12am n eat my dinner... hehe.. after tat guess wat? cant sleep again lo....

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it was too high till cant see >_<
Image hosted by
malaysian studies group members + miss lai

Wednesday, December 07, 2005


wuahahaha.. around 830pm sumthing.. tommy suddenly YM me.. called me go his house play mahjong... then i after bath then straight away go his house. then we played mahjong gamble with his housemate,Ning. both of them are my PMS project grp mamber also. i accept their invitation to gamble coz i think maybe tat is one of the way we can know each others more. ask keat meng go with me. but he decline. he doin ntg at home ask him go get know his grp mamber he duwan. dunno wat the hell he thinking. me as a grp leader, i must make them alway in grp. coz now the situation is. they dun even know their grp member name.. wat the ****... if u are a leader of the grp, wat u will think.. how u feel if u hav tis kind of grp? haih... duwan talk bout tis, talk back our mahjong. we played from 9pm till 214am.. haha.. while playing they cia me eat ruo kan n bak kut teh mee.. hehe.. nice nice... long time din gamble mahjong d... very syok.. coz i win mostly.. haha.. totally i win RM12.50 from Ning.. haha.. quite alot d .. coz we play RM 1 per "win" 1.. haha.. im the winner today.. haha.. anyway, waste 5 hour to win RM 12.50 like not tat woth it.. but hope tis 5 hour will woth it on our relationship between grp.. v(^o^)v

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

niCe beGin

tonight was the 1st drama class which the teacher come and teach us. is a guy 29 year old. quite famous in drama in malaysia. heard very good in drama 1. 2night he come n teach us... 1st learning drama class not bad. play some game and learn something lo.. tonight got acting also.. but i not sutisfly with my performance =( wanna ac more beter next time. b4 that got alot want to write but now dunno wat to write d.. coz mayb im tired d.. wanna zzzz d.. cant watch ah wong d.. after post tis blog wanna go bed d.. 9am class 2mrw.. cannot late!!!! good night !!!

Monday, December 05, 2005

friEd vegetAble

waste a day again... ydaynite sleep at 6am then wake up at 330pm sumthing. after wake though can safe 1 lunch d. manatau a while later... hungry alr..alone at home. think to eat mcD.. coz long time din eat alr. very wish to eat quite long time d.. but unfortunately cyberia here dun hav any fast food delivery. so charm... then suddenly think to take bus go alamanda buy mcd to eat.. tis idea come to my mind suddenly ... then i was thinking wanna go o not.. coz alone go alamanda .. nvr did b4.. weird... plus think bout wanna take so long to go there jus for mcd? then see the weather so hot tat time. then suddenly jillian mention bout cook while i was chating with her.. then i decide to cook n give up the mcD d. think to cook can curry chicken then wish to eat vegetable also. then go out to the shop to see got any vege to buy o not. there jus hav a cabbage(duno english pronoud rite o not) chinese call bao chai. half of the bao chai cost me RM1.70 . i dunno count expensive o not coz i never buy vege b4. then back home then think how to cook the vege pula. then i phone my mum ask how to cook.. then mum teach me to fried the vege. and jillian give me sum material for me to fried the vege also. coz i also give her a quater of the bao chai. coz is too much for me alone to eat all. then after a few min of fried. the result? haha.. me myself eat few spoon only then duwan eat d.. but the curry chicken quite nice.. but eat alot.. will feel like vomit :p can food no matter how still the can food taste. i will feel like puke if eat too much of can food. in the end, cant finish.. then the vege n some of the curry life stay till 12am. they life end with others rubbish together in the dustbin. keat meng back around 9pm sumthing. sook shiang back around 10pm sumthing. voon fei overnite at gf house. jes n sowvien haven back. ohya, 4get to said, tis afternoon after wake up. i win back 2 sercet resipe from RG.. wuahaha.. no more owe him anything. but i goin to win him at least 1 SR soon.. hehe.. wait n see RG!!! hahaha..
ok la.. tat all wat happen today... bored sunday ... 2mrw monday d.. need to pia again... now wanna watch drama to make me fall sleep la... good9

Sunday, December 04, 2005

yahOo gAmes

went to study around 12am sumthing... but very soon.. tired d.. then back to my laptop.. chat with some frenz... wanna have a voice conference with old frenz.. manatau suddenly leave a msg: " want go pure d, bye" then the ym sign out. =_=||| ntg to do.. then chat with RG. he bored with his drama also. then i suggest to play yahoo game with him since i long time din play d. we played quite alot game. at last we found a quite nice the game. 1st dunno to play then after tat know d quite fun. but bcoz of tat . last round i lost. then lost to him a SR cake. =_=||| i gonna fight back my SR cake! aza... aza.... haha..
just finidh the game. them back from pure bar d. then i go luan them coz i was jeolous them can go enjoy while i was play the stupid yahoo games with a bored guy <= RG (haha) anyway, today doin ntg. watch movie.. watch ah wong.. on9.. chatting.. Gunbound a while.. then on9 on9 on9.... 2mrw must study d!!! must!!! else i gonna fail tis sem d!!! must gambatea to myself!!!

those pic is my latest pic. but is was taken last month.. 2 nov 2005 while holiday at melacca. long hair pic...

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by
Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by
Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by

Saturday, December 03, 2005

aloNe weeKend aGain

alone again? ya.. like before.. 2 go back hometown.. one overnight at gf place.. 1 go mlc find bf.. me? in room writing blog here lo... always sleep late.. already become tabiat d.. feel weird if sleep early... haha.. weird huh..
some ppl said alone good mah... but for me.. eh.. dunno .. still dun really like it.. mayb im the type tat dun like alone gua.. wanna always be with frenz.. wanna be with some one i like always.. lonely will make me weak like tat.. like no spirit no strange like tat.. one of the example.. i rather at home eat maggie than go out eat alone.. go town shop? nah.. wont do tat alone.. when lonely i will think bout my frenz.. a frenz tat last time very very close.. but now.. wonder how her life now... still miss the time we chichat... although always act cool infront of her.. always try to make her not assist infront of me.. thought can forget... but quite a time d.. still cant remove her from my heart/mind.. mayb i still miss the frenship between me n her bah.. anyway, she still in my heart till now. wish her happy always.
MAE11, i still cant accept i crash it myself. the crash till fresh in my mind. the feeling is like u kill the one tat u like with ur own hand.
frenz asking why duwan back home? mayb is bcoz i still cant accept when i come out from my house i cant see tat maroon colour wira. or mayb is bcoz bored at mlc. no car to ask frenz out. n mayb is bcoz parent called me dun back. coz they duwan me to rush back n rush back cyber again. n them always though tat im busy with study here. anyway, back mlc quite expensive also. 1 trip need rm15. go n back need rm30 1 time. mayb tat all is the reason i din back melacca.

3:33am.. what should i goin to do?