Saturday, December 03, 2005

aloNe weeKend aGain

alone again? ya.. like before.. 2 go back hometown.. one overnight at gf place.. 1 go mlc find bf.. me? in room writing blog here lo... always sleep late.. already become tabiat d.. feel weird if sleep early... haha.. weird huh..
some ppl said alone good mah... but for me.. eh.. dunno .. still dun really like it.. mayb im the type tat dun like alone gua.. wanna always be with frenz.. wanna be with some one i like always.. lonely will make me weak like tat.. like no spirit no strange like tat.. one of the example.. i rather at home eat maggie than go out eat alone.. go town shop? nah.. wont do tat alone.. when lonely i will think bout my frenz.. a frenz tat last time very very close.. but now.. wonder how her life now... still miss the time we chichat... although always act cool infront of her.. always try to make her not assist infront of me.. thought can forget... but quite a time d.. still cant remove her from my heart/mind.. mayb i still miss the frenship between me n her bah.. anyway, she still in my heart till now. wish her happy always.
MAE11, i still cant accept i crash it myself. the crash till fresh in my mind. the feeling is like u kill the one tat u like with ur own hand.
frenz asking why duwan back home? mayb is bcoz i still cant accept when i come out from my house i cant see tat maroon colour wira. or mayb is bcoz bored at mlc. no car to ask frenz out. n mayb is bcoz parent called me dun back. coz they duwan me to rush back n rush back cyber again. n them always though tat im busy with study here. anyway, back mlc quite expensive also. 1 trip need rm15. go n back need rm30 1 time. mayb tat all is the reason i din back melacca.

3:33am.. what should i goin to do?

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