Wednesday, November 30, 2005

DramA claSs

ydaynite think too blog d.. but too tired d then lazy to wrote d.. ydaynite i went to the drama class.. 1st drama class.. they gonna hav ice breaking for us new member who joined the class.. but dun really like ice breaking 1. then i asked my frenz + housemate keat meng to acc me. thks god he acc me.. hehe.. when i was arrive the class. it was few ppl inside only.. like no enough 10 ppl only.. n almost all is seniour 1.. then i also din expert much lo.. coz cyber cls mah... not like mlc cls tat famous.. then time by time.. more n more ppl come loh.. got some juniour come also at last.. almost got half guy half gal in whole member la.. then we start out 1st class. the leader name ju hao lead us to do exercise b4 geting start the ice breaking. quite long the exercise take. n quite tired to do those exercise... mayb i long time d exercise d.. bone all old d.. then after the exercise, we play some games for the ice breaking lo.. like member 1 by 1 dance follow the music., game tat need to memories membersss name, play ur mind lo. see weather u phlegm o not lo... n play acting lo.. at first b4 the ice breaking it's really bored me... my frenz ask me to back early also.. but after the ice breaking , get knew new friend there.. then no regret for came the class ydayntie. keat meng also said he wanna come again next week. coz next week we gonna really start class d. the teacher will come n teach us d. anyway, this is wat i interest now.. i was think quite long time dunno want join o not.. coz scare later no time to study. but think another way tat if i duwan join now i hav no more chance to join next time d. but at last i take the move to join d. n ask my frenz to join at last also. i like tis class. i wont easy giveup tis drama class.. so hope we everyone can hav a nice perfomance in stage coming day. drama rulez!!!

p/s:: today is my mum bday.. wish my mum hpy birthday d.. and healty always!!!
yesterday my bro bday.. wish him hpy birthday alsoo.. and good luck in spm !!!

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