Sunday, November 06, 2005

laTe diaRy

::?? nov 2005::
my best buddy call me from aus.. he just back from the camp(dunno how to explain the camp)
. he told me he pos me a perfume.. but i dunno he did.. and just knew the perfume lost..
dunno gone to where.. wondering why the perfume in the pack he post me.. the perfume name is "Aquo Di Gio"..
is mini size 1.. tat perfume is his favourite perfume.. very sad after knew it gone... he said tat perfume
is bring luck to me 1.. wonder why it will gone.. but anyway, buddy is ok.. that perfume alr bring me pass my
proggraming d.. coz i wonder why my proggramming will pass also.. mayb is bcoz of the perfume u give me.. although
i din received.. but i get the fuction of the lucky perfume d.. very thanks you my bro =)
i appreaciate your gift.. thanks thanks thanks X200000

::2 nov 2005::
take my lunch mian fen gao at outside my taman alone then went tzu chi study.
hui giap leave to his tuition after i arrive there and listen 3 song of my new jay album.
left me n huigiap frenz dunno wat his name and choon yen there study.
me on9 till no bateri.. then hui giap frenz leave.. left me and choon yen there...
no mood to study that time.. keep on find choon yen talk.. then find meiyin shi gu chat..
around 6pm sumthing i jus start my study on proggramming...
8pm.. choon yen went back.. left me alone study...
9pm.. li xiang call me to go out.. then i back home take my dinner..
10pm at greenworld find hock khim chat.. play card.. chit chat till 12++am..
back home.. cant sleep... then find some1 sms.. and call sumore(4get who)...

::3 nov 2005::
today is hari raya 1st day... wake up at 1pm... think to go tzu chi.. but think bout
later night need to go out with cousin which came from perak.. then at last din
go tzu chi d.. whole after play ps2 winning eleven at home. 4pm watch 8tv "step foward"..
5pm bath.. 6pm went out to simply fish eat with cousin...
8pm went mp.. with cousin kidssss... very bored.. coz i suppose to meet my frenz sinyi..
coz today is her bday. then around 10 sumthing.. dismiss with family meet sinyi and frenz
at mp bowling center...played for bowling till 12am.. then went xuan cafe celeb sinyi bday.
quite long din meet sinyi since she go study at pahang. happy bday to her and hope her wish come truth.
meet another frenz ai nan there also.. quite long din meet her d also.. knew her very pia for her stpm now..
coz she said she wanna study lawyer after f6.. gambatea to her also... wish she can gets her lawyer dream.
bye with them around 2am. fetch my sis back n ai nan back.. then go find hui giap hav a talk.coz know he must
be haven sleep and very stress now.. have a lil talk at his house outside then we went to pasar borong to have
some supper.. but too bad, almost 4am d.. no food there alr.. then went back home.

::4nov 2005::
wake up late around 1pm sumthing.. after take my breakfast+lunch. then went to tzu chi again..
today shi gu 2nd daughter till work there.. she a gal type tat i like. she elder than me 1 year.. study at UTAR..
i started to suspect the reason i go tzu chi. is for study? or see her? but at last i dun hav the braveness to talk to
her also.. why? maybe is becoz i dun hav the confident bout myself or maybe is bcoz she alr got bf make me scare to think more far.
study till 7pm sumthing.. feel hungry... then went back home. after dinner.. watch tv a ps2 a while.. then watch DVD in my room...
still cant sleep.. then call my frenz to chat a while.. then dunno how i fall in sleep d....

::5nov 2005::
wake up 12:30pm sumthing.. went to CREATIVE cut my hair.. haha.. no one realise i cut my hair.. still no different much..
coz i din cut many.. coz i wanna keep long till b4 CNY to change my hairstyle... meet hockkhim at CREATIVE..then go find lixiang..
after that around 5pm thengo find ah piong.. and go tzu chi find hui giap.. meet shi gu 2nd daughter there.. i think tat the last time i meet her d...
coz she gonna back utar 2mrw d.. miss her? haha.. siao..
then we went to have my breakfast+lunch+dinner at melaka baru...quite a long time we 4 never have a meal 2gther d since.... i not sure also...
but still very miss the moment when we in secondary school time.. we are the hang always hang out 2gther.. from the time we dunhav transport.. take bus to mp,
bicycle, all cars d.. miss that moment.. now they all bzing their stpm.. anyway, i truly wish them good luck in the exam..
night, play ps2 again.. 10pm,huigiap come and find me and play winning eleven with me.. then went for supper around 1:30am..then back at around 230pm coz raining..
sms with siaw yin before wrote this.. she din reply me.. i think she fall in sleep d.. wat i gonna do now? still thinking...
1 more week gonna start class d.. and i gonna start hard working d.. dunwan like tis suck 1st sem..
ok, gonna stop here d.. 1 time write 4 day diary.. haha.. miss u all guyss.. and miss ya.. sy...

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