Friday, November 11, 2005


think to send u a goodnight msg but after think bout wat for i send to u and
u delete straight away coz duwan bf to suspect anything. then i press the cancel

2:06am.. i hope i can get in sleep tonight. coz recently my sleep time totallu
terbalik with normal malaysian life. i slept at 8am wake up 4 or 5pm sumthing.
how terrible. think to do many thing b4 sleep then after wake up all plan gone.
ydaynite,watch movie,eat,ps2,listen radio,read comic,talk phone,sms.. that all i done
in my midnight. i must turn back my sleep time b4 i went cyberjaya.else i gonna skip my
all classes d..recently very lazy and no choice need to do the flyers thing..
very mafan and very luan.. and i found out tat.. the commitee the club the society till
the melacca better... before my sis said tis xx club better than others club.. but now
i dunt think so.. i still think tat my malacca cls still win abit on the xx club. coz the
way they do thing very luan. cant plan sistemantic.. maybe i wrong.. anyway, the event goona
coming soon. hope all the thing can go smooth. dint wish for get the best but i hope that wont
get any trouble tat enough. still got time to prepare.. hope the coming day can prove my view
on tis are wrong. good luck to all commitee..

ohya,talk bout luck. few hour more later, most of my frenz gonna have their sptm 1st paper.
hope they doin well in exam. coz i know they really study hard for tis exam.hope they can
try their best best bestest in the exam so tat they wont regret for study like hell in 2 year.
and wish me lots of luck for their exam. i pray for u all here. GOOD LUCK and GAMBATeh!!!

p/s:: happy birthday to one of my very fei frenz HOCK KHIM!!!


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