Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Karen Kong with Bryan

Karen Kong with Bryan

Karen came MMU again for her music sharing with mmu student here. i be there around 8pm then i thought i going to meet karen alone just me n her only coz no body was there but only me alone on that time. But after 30min crowd come more n more already that at least better.

actually NOTHING special lo... JUST DANCE infront of karen only lo... =_=|||
at first they said who want to play game with karen then i thought there will be many ppl raise their hand but manatau when the MC asked im the only one who raise hand only.. then everyone was look at me.. ohgosh...

Then infront of the lec hall the game they wan to play is DANCE! oh gosh again, they want us to dance what karen dance in her song. Karen showed us once then we need to dance like what she dance. Ofcause no one was 100% dance same like karen so 5 of us dance + some own dance skill inside lo.. anyway, too bad im not the winner for that day. Else i get 1 more of her "mulakan" album already.

Everyone shout ! when my hand on karen shoulder! LOL

after dance then start the autograph session. Karen still remember my name. ^^

Karen's Fans


random picture FUNNY rank!

Random picture :: FUNNY rank!

Langkawi Trip 2006

Langkawi Trip 2006

After heard from jessica said multiply upload photo very fast already. then i try upload back last time i upload till very pekcek de langkawi album while i waitng my groupmate send me the assignment.
wooow.. it really fast lo.. 300 pic a while only then done. Coming days i will be uplaod back all my old photo on there. check out my multiply ya~

below was my langkawi trip with some of crazy frenz last year. Around October i think if not mistake. That was a enjoyable and memorable trip for me. hope next time we can have fun trip again...

Soonsing, Jimmy , Valarie, Bryan , Jack , Weechia , Lanwei, Tommy, Lisan and stella.

More Photo HERE!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

show off?! LOL

show off?! LOL

I really din't mean to show off lo~ xP

Saturday, April 21, 2007

FF maya day

FeiFei Maya day

SS in MAYA lab

My work! Spaghetti Mouster! nice?

DIGI FuYohhh Giving Good Charlotte concert ticket

Get contact back with my god sister! MMS photo every morning LOL. she's hot rite?

Friday, April 20, 2007

<3 Karen <3

<3 Karen <3

I brought the album already. Really nice all her song~ i like the song cinta hello kitty, ku tak upaya and na na na nada cinta. =)

some concert photo...

She pretty rite? ^^

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Record Memper-siasui-kan MMUian

Record Memper-siasui-kan MMUian

Recently Our campus busy with this hot topic after some blogger complaint about making the kebab record with RM24000. wasted the money just for a stupid record. Really dun understand why MMU so free....
this is what denise said,

- Largest Backward Walk for 3.8km
- Largest MMU logo made of one cent coins (by CLS Cyberjaya)
- Longest Rangoli (by Creative Arts Club Melaka)
- Longest Non-Stop Debate (by VOICES MMU)
- Longest Table Tennis Marathon (by Table Tennis Club Melaka)
- Longest Non-stop Dodol cooking session by CCIP Cyberjaya
- Largest MMU logo made of key (by Creative Arts Club)
- Longest Signature Cardboard (by AstroNature Circle Melaka)
- Longest Saidina Game (by Convocation Festival 2006)
- Longest Kebab (by CCIP Cyberjaya)
- Most Number of Rice Arts (by Indian Cultural Society)
- Playing congkak 30-hour non-stop (by CCIP Cyberjaya)
- LATEST: Longest Non-Stop Martial Arts Punching Relay 2007 (6-8th April)


We should stop doing some wasting money record. People wont feel proud of MMU just because of those stupid record. that just will make we MMU student "malu" only....

The anti-meaning record blog here.

The News about "stupid record" here. ( chinese )

Karen replied me!!!!

Karen replied me!!!!

Wow.. she replied me... wuahahahaha LOL

p/s: bryan really crazy jor~

karen with me <3

karen with me <3

Guess what? Meet Karen at MMU and get the chance to snap pic with her!

She is so pretttty, hotttt, sweeeet, cuteeeeeee, gorgeous! and her voice is really really nice while singing the song! Will get her album soon.
After graduate from MMU i must get myself into my acting career. Maybe that time will be got chance to singing together with her or acting together with her. Two Year More!
this is wat i smile while sleeping yerterday night! LOL

The small little flyer was stick on the wall infront of my pc table now! LOL

P/S: first time crazy with somebody~~~ i cant believe myself as well. wuakaka...

Monday, April 16, 2007



can you believe that???? RM10 for tis as my dinner in cyberjaya?! wtf
i can eat a set of McD with that price d man~ or 3 piece of KFC fried chicken~ or having dinner at gasoline d man~~~~~~~~~~~ =_=!!!

What we doing in Lab?

Jillian = Warcraft

Belle = Movie-ing

Mickey Phoon = Cybercracker Bittorrent

BB Ling = Game website

Classmate(1st Row) = Maple-ing
Bryan Hoo = Of coz studying and blogging a while only laa hehe

Man United Rockzzz!

Man United Rockzzz!

Man United Beat Roma 7-1 at the 2nd leg match after they lose 1-2 at the 1st leg match at Roma.
Next Match, The UEFA Champion SemiFinal Man United will meet AC Milan. At another side, Liverpool will be vs Chelsea. Obviously Im Man United fanz 2ndly i support Liverpool coz steven gerrard also. So hopefully Man United will fight Liverpool at the UEFA Champion Final!

PC Fair

PC Fair

Went PC Fair last Saturday.
With HuGo, KeatMeng, Steven and Dayze.
Many people there.
Saw Some leng lui there.
Leng lui = Siew Ting, Cassie,Evonne Liang and some dunno their name.
Saw Eric working(playing) XBOX360 at samsung there too.
i brought a Konica Minolta laser printer.
Keat Meng brought Lexmark Laser printer.
Steven Tan brought Samsung 19" Wide Screen LCD.
Dayze brought Sonic Gear 2.0 white speaker.
Hugo subscript HWM get a Panasonic DVD writer and Laptop bag.

Having Lunch at Kenny's Roger

Dayze trying to snap the cute guard photo NOT ME!

My new laser printer.

Keat Meng laser printer.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Kelly Clarkson Meets Led Zeppelin

Kelly Clarkson Meets Led Zeppelin

i like the Led Zeppelin ah ah ah~~~~~~~~ ah part!

Led Zeppelin rock!!!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Tong Sui accompany MAYA

Tong Sui accompany MAYA

Somebody dabao tong sui to me while i was headache with the MAYA assignment! Honestly the tong sui taste not that good but dunno why i feel soooooo sweet while drinking that. LOL ~
Thanks YOu for the tong sui ya~

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Mickey Phoon cOncert

Mickey Phoon cOncert

hey mickey phoon fans out there!
greatest news of mickey phoon.
Heard that mickey phoon will having the concert at MMU coming sooon.
so you guys stay tune on our blog ya~~~

Note: the demo/video/mtv/trailer will be upload soon at mickeyphoon official website.
If you guys cant get the video there. then maybe can try at siaochaobo website or here later.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

KlanG BakuTeH

KlanG BakuTeH

Sleep at 6am morning, 9am wake up went for klang bakuteh. as usual meet Hugo at puchong then sit his Vios then went for our long-timg-ago-plan KLANG BAKUTEH!
This time is me, km, hugo added waiseng. we used almost 1 hour to reach our breakfast.

Hugo ordered 6 set for 4 person. 3 soup and 3 dry bakuteh. for me, soup 1 more nicer if compare with the dry 1. Dont like the dry 1 maybe never eat b4 at malacca bah. so B for the soup one. C for the dry one. Still prefer the melacca bakuteh. Miss melacca food~

Hugo and km

After makan then went hugo house lepak a while then around 2pm sumthing reach cyberia. After makan wat else? sleeeeeeep la abuthen.. that was my favourie. eat then sleep! hehe..


Bryan Lookalike?

Bryan Lookalike?

of coz is the left one lookalike la.. =_=|||

Face recognize with celebrities?

Face recognize with celebrities?

Found out this interest program from my MuiMui blog. then try try.. manatau...

Look like Jay chou pula~

Try another photo and see...

Even worst~ =_=|||

Saturday, April 07, 2007

BMW Sauber F1 Team Pit Lane Park

BMW Sauber F1 Team Pit Lane Park

Went KLCC with hugo and keatmeng yday. The purpose of going there is to go see the BMW F1 coz hugo said near KLCC there got the BMW Sauber F1 Team Pit Lane Park. So we depart to KLCC around 3pm from hugo house.

Hugo and keat meng haven watch Just Follow Law which Jack Neo movie. so i followed watch AGAIN in cinema loh~ not bad the movie.Funny and Abit touching.

Starring by Fann Wong and Gurmit Singh

the Tanya's mother in JFL movie she got a blog in blogspot! i was suprise while i view her blog. she are so cute~ even got rap! p/s: She even visited my blog before lo dun play play! (proof at my chat box beside)hehe

So after movie we walked to the BMW park there so have a view of BMW F1 car since this weekend they going to racing at Sepang! BMW suppoter here!

On the way to the BMW F1 park

This is what we get while we walk into the park.


BMW F1 engine
My favorite BMW Z4


Hugo and KM playing the BMW F1 quiz

BMW motorbike

BMW souvenir shop. Too exp d so just snap pic lo~ LOL
BMW lounge. We wish to go in but it need invitation pass. too bad we dun hav.

BMW F1 with BryanHoo

That's all for the BMW F1 Park. ohya, went kinokuniya bookstore and saw her tinglih in the FHM magazine again. this time she own 4 page sumore. she getting prettier and sexy~ as u can see from the picture...

Yeah, that's true she is Chye Tinglih =)