Saturday, April 07, 2007

BMW Sauber F1 Team Pit Lane Park

BMW Sauber F1 Team Pit Lane Park

Went KLCC with hugo and keatmeng yday. The purpose of going there is to go see the BMW F1 coz hugo said near KLCC there got the BMW Sauber F1 Team Pit Lane Park. So we depart to KLCC around 3pm from hugo house.

Hugo and keat meng haven watch Just Follow Law which Jack Neo movie. so i followed watch AGAIN in cinema loh~ not bad the movie.Funny and Abit touching.

Starring by Fann Wong and Gurmit Singh

the Tanya's mother in JFL movie she got a blog in blogspot! i was suprise while i view her blog. she are so cute~ even got rap! p/s: She even visited my blog before lo dun play play! (proof at my chat box beside)hehe

So after movie we walked to the BMW park there so have a view of BMW F1 car since this weekend they going to racing at Sepang! BMW suppoter here!

On the way to the BMW F1 park

This is what we get while we walk into the park.


BMW F1 engine
My favorite BMW Z4


Hugo and KM playing the BMW F1 quiz

BMW motorbike

BMW souvenir shop. Too exp d so just snap pic lo~ LOL
BMW lounge. We wish to go in but it need invitation pass. too bad we dun hav.

BMW F1 with BryanHoo

That's all for the BMW F1 Park. ohya, went kinokuniya bookstore and saw her tinglih in the FHM magazine again. this time she own 4 page sumore. she getting prettier and sexy~ as u can see from the picture...

Yeah, that's true she is Chye Tinglih =)

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