Tuesday, October 18, 2005


friendship important? izit important for u all? for us?
somebody they really care bout friendship. sumbody always concern their friendship. somebody never care bout their friendship they hav. they treat the friendship just like a piece of shit. no price at all. mean ? do u appreaciate shit?

ya. most of the gals care wat ppl think on them talked bout them. but izit those fake rumour important than our friendship? u care bout wat ppl said but u never care bout our frenship?

ya. most of the gals got bf already very hard to get close guy frenz. but if we are clear why and what u wanna scare for? plus,if ur bf really luv u, he will trust u rather than suspect u.

friend cannot care bout friend? concern bout friend? worry bout friend? you duwan me to care bout you so you avoid me. dun let me know wat had happen on you. even tat u in sick. do this still call friend? unless the friend u mean is those "hie and bye" friend. those never even care bout friend.

you solve the prob with how you think. but you never care bout how i think. ohya,i 4get you never care bout me, even tat i dint in ur heart at all. what i did? why i did tat? i try very hard to safe this friendship coz i care bout this friendship. this friendship is important to me. is priceless... that's why i duwan to lost u.. but... u never appreaciate our friendship at all.

since you want our friendship become like tat. then i have nothing else can do anymore. hope the day without me you can live happily as before the day u never knew me. sorry for give you so many trouble after knowing me. im appologize sincerely. take care my friend, my special friend once.

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