Monday, October 31, 2005

blAnk nitE

just finish 1 movie. very nice the movie. especially the action part. the actor keep jumping from building to buliding.
so yeng. the movie name is B13 BANLIEUE 13. is a france movie. now bcome 1 of my DVD collection now. hehe..
wanna go bed n turn my light off.but suddenly heard someone crawling my room door.then i open the door.
is was my house puppy GIGI. dunno why 2night she duwan sleep. her bed was at living hall.but dunno why
today she din sleep.. come and find me.. haha.. so weird so cute she... now she lying on floor just bside my leg..
raining outside. good weather for sleep..dunno tonight wat time i can fall in sleep.. recently cant sleep early...
now waiting my frenz sweetie sms me.. she was studying for her exam on coming wednesday.raya holiday still need to
exam so charm her.. anyway, i moral support her here la.. hope he study well there n wont fall in sleep.. coz i waiting
her msg!!! haha.. and now what should i do now? go out and play my WINNING ELEVEN? or jus lye on my bed?
hmm... still thinking... 2morw need to go tzu ji online n study again.. online is bcoz result release 2morw.. how i feel?
see the blog bellow la.. haha.. k la.. 2night mood no bad la.. gonna stop here d.. ciao~


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