Saturday, March 21, 2009

myElephant Thai Restaurant
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As the title mention, i went to the Thai Restaurant - myElephant for my dinner today.
This is not the 1st time i visit the restaurant. First went there is for my friend chee wei birthday celebration. So, this time i bring gf to try the Thai food since she like Tom Yam so much. =D

These is what i ordered,
Cant remembered the actual name but i know is fried chicken, it look like prawn right?
Can't remembered the food name as well, but it's some tempura + vegetable+carrot?
This one i know, is TOM SOM! Must order this one if you ever come to myElephant. Super delicious and super hot ( i mean really hot and spicy that kind. )
Can see the "Hot" me? LOL

Others than that, the last one i ordered Omelet since the "Snow" Fish they sold out already. =( "Snow"Fish is another one of the main dish you must order whenever you go there.

For more information about the restaurant, you can visit here:

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