Monday, February 04, 2008

Celcom TVC

Celcom TVC

Just back from Celcom TVC.
Been working for almost 12 hours at KL Bisou (maison area) and KL bukit bintang.
Be the extras this time, quite upset because i get shortlisted one of the main actor but i was at Melaka that time. They called me for the casting by i din turn on because i just cant go back to KL immediately suddenly. So, give up at last. and now being as One of the extras out of almost 200 extras there =.="

So, call time on 530pm so i reach there around that time then we wait until around 10pm like that only took ours 1st extras screen.

After that move to bukit bintang for the 2nd shoot.
every extras around almost 200 people need to waiting in a room that without air-con.This is so freaking hot and sweat inside the room. then we wait again and again till around 3am only start shooting.. whole bunch of people gather and shout like in concern on the bukit bintang road =.=" then break & wait then shoot again... then break and shoot...

it look like more than 200 ppls

Until 530am like that, only done with the shooting. then after reach Cyberia is around almost 7am already. This is really really so tiring whole day.

Yumi and me

Johnny and me

Me and Chistina Teh ( 2007 Astro Girl Top 5 )

i blog this right after i back from the shooting after bath. fast update right? ^^

really tired already... ciao~ @.@zZZ

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