Friday, September 21, 2007

LasT WeeK

LasT WeeK

Went back melacca last week,
went repair my car but still got problem now. damn noisy the sound.
did nothing at hometown.
went saloon cut hair.
went Dota with buddy.
went shopping with parents.

i brought original!

Then went back KL with Kaiseen coz we got gathering with vian, cstan,jess, steven, waiseng and connie on saturday.
cant join the lunch together with them coz need casting at damansara then join back them for skating...

first time wearing on the skating shoe

u know what, this is my 1st time skating and i can skate freely on the ice count! surprise leh..
they said me PRO and i admit it also ! wuahahahhahahaha But cstan more PRO la.. he cant really play coz need to accompany the-not-sport-type girlfriend. LOL

Im PRO! wuahaha

after play then we went for the movie " The Brave One" .
not really good show but the actress Jodie Foster was great.
the whole show she totally into the character. hollywood really PRO.

starring by Jodie Foster

after the show, we went taipan subang restaurant Logenhaus to have our delicious dinner.
not really in luck that night coz ordered a un-worth it baked cheese fish chop.
Should order the Mix-grill next time!

Logenhaus restaurant

So, that's almost my last weekend.
this coming weekend gonna be busy again i think.
see ya~

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