Monday, September 10, 2007

SonyEricsson TVC

SonyEricsson TVC

Last saturday went to shahalam to shoot for SonyEricsson new handphone TVC. need to reach there by 630am. so i wake up at 430am then drive to ss15 subang to fetch Raymond ( knew from lowyat forum bcoz of this job) together then go to the shooting place.


the extras

there are alots of extras to do this tvc. they said got 200 but as what i saw i think got 100++ la.. so we were waiting at there the whole morning about 930am somthing only get asked to go in the shooting studio and teach us what to do. It very basic only since the theme is in the concert so we just act like watching the concert there,hand up and wave only that's all. LOL

the stage

we were damn bored coz we need to wait for so long only shoot 1 scene. so basically we only shoot for 3 hour out of total hour that we been there since 630am till 730pm. guess how bored we waiting there and have ntg to do. luckly knew some friend there, at least can chitchat, cold joke, ghost story and blow blow water with them. LOL and we did camwhole for some picture as well ^^

the director board

the camera

so around 8pm like that, we queue to get our paid. after that have our dinner at asian cafe then fetch them back one by one. me reach home almost 12am already. what a tired day but kinda woth it also. coz i knew some new frenz!

new friend: raymond, yanny and yumi =)

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