Monday, September 03, 2007

2nd september 2007

2nd september 2007

2nd september 2007 is my 21st birthday
others than that, putrajaya will having their fireworks competition grand finale.
i was able to reach cyberjaya on that day so decide to go watch the superb fireworks with my frens jessica, steven , keat meng, vian-popo, kaiseen-muimui, vianLG-cstan and xuan. some of them came from melacca purposely to watch the fireworks here.

the fireworks i love the most!

the fireworks is awesome. but i still think that lose to the previous one i watch. after watch the fireworks then going to have my dinner at oldtown cafe. the traffic in putrajaya was totally complex, jam for almost 1 hour there.

superb hungry bryan

the next day, we went ikano to have our lunch and singK at the redbox there. today waiseng came to join us. we wait only 3pm only got room to let us enjoy the K. at least everyone was kinda shy and not dare to hold the mic ( except xuan =p ) maybe some of them dunno each others yet. but a while more, everyone also sing their song. Connie and weijun came to meet us for a while also. i was kinda no mood that day so din really sing alots.

me, waiseng and keat meng

Around 6pm, vian kaiseen and xuan they need to rush back to melacca so we got to leave there already. and i leave around that time also cause need to fetch keat meng back and catch a movie with friend.

anyway, nice to meet you guys again since quite some time never meet already.

p/s: thanks nee nee for the lovely cake and thanks jessica, steven and waiseng for the "COOL" T-shirt! ^^

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