Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Dragon 3

3 Dragon

Last Sunday went to the winston omega film - Dragon 3 movie testshoot.
fortune for me coz i get one of the main character for the moment now. One of the 3 dragon.

Hung shen as Leng Chai
Victor as Man-Chester
Bryan as Monty

" The movie story is about 3 young kids. they have no idea what they want in future. good streetfigher, doing what they wanted to, so one day they went to a new town which really attract the 3 dragon interest to start their life at the town. who knowns..... "

The shoot was began early morning. so as always i need wake earlier and drove all away from Cyberjaya to Bandar Sri damansara.

After have the breakfast then we start our 1st shoot, the 1st shoot is story about me and another 2 dragon inside a restaurant in the town. and walk out from the restaurant together.
this screen is show that the 3 dragon like this town.

2nd shoot, 3 dragon walking at one of the street then suddenly block by the gangster and get in fighting. the gangster get beaten and 3 of us drive their car and run away...

3rd shoot, 3 of us running aways from getting kill by gangstersssss

4rd shoot, no way to run anymore. get surround by cars and bikers come and save us

and the last shoot, was taken at the fruit mamak stall. while we eating suddenly gangster come and disturb us then master wong help us and beat down all gangster.

the shoot was done around 7pm somthing. i was really tired whole day running under the burning sun and wearing the a bit highheel leather shoe. contact no really comfortable since wearing the whole day already.

this is really a good experience for me getting into a action movie with winston director. although this just a test shoot for the movie i might no the one of the dragon after this. but at least i have try my best and no regret.

hopefully i still one of the dragon coming days. =)

3 dragon


more video coming sooon...

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