Thursday, November 30, 2006

Busy guilty life

busy guilty life

Just back from MPM subject meeting with groupmate. After see the video which last weekend my groupmate them went shoot at subang. First feeling come to my mind while i watching the clip was -- gulity. i felt guilty coz what inside the clip was what my groupmate doing the hard work for 2 day. and i not even there. I din help them to do anything at all. Coz that time when they told me they going to shoot i was planning to go back talk to my dad about my study. I need to talk to my dad that time and cant make it late already coz without the ans from my dad. I have no heart to do anything. Im feel so sorry to my groupmate... sorry that i cant work with u guys.. feel that im not resposible at all since they ask me to join there group coz im alone but end with i din help them do anything. haihzzzz.. really hope i can do sumthing for them for the subject....

Since i back continue my life at here, really have alots thing i need to catch up, else my result cant be see again this time.

1st, MPM - but that was okay coz i got a bunch of great groupmate like what i told above. so now hopefully now i can really help them for the coming project work.

2nd, Computer Graphics - yeah, the tutor forgave me for din went for the lab so many time and still giving me chance ask me wanna to redo some quiz? but at the end i cant take the quiz even that the midterm i cant did well at all. all bcoz i skipped for 2 week class. i dunno everything about. from now i need to study very hard for the final and the project so that it can cover back the marks that i lose in midterm test and quiz. next monday gonna have a 1st submition of the CG project and i haven start anything yet since last few day was busy with midterm test. I shall start the project asap and hopefully i can come out a nice CG project so that i can earn some marks there.

3rd, Internet Computing - i have skipped 1 labtest coz it was held on last week and that time i din went for class so i din't know there was a labtest so my 1st labtest was 0 marks! once i decided to continue MMU then the anothers day was the internet computing midterm.. so i was study whole night like crazy that night, u know since i skipped alots of class. it really make me crazy while study sumthing that i don't understand and tomorrow night going to test some more! but anyway, i get 21/30 for the test. Not that good yet actually coz my 1st lab test get 0 marks so my carry marks still very less. and next week was the 1st submission of the project so might be will only start doing the project after submit the CG project.

4rd, CNYE - Feel sorry to my leader/head/jack, coz im the one who incharge the game/activitis division so actually tonight i need to come out the games for him already but recently was totally busy. Midterm and meeting it made me don't have time to give him the games. Hope he will understand and forgive my late submition for him.

so i shall stop blogging here and greatly use the time for works which i mention above since im OUT OF TIME now! ciao~

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