Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Happy Birthday , John

Happy Birthday , John

12.00am 19 december 2006, my cell phone suddenly reminder ring. i took it and see. " John birthday - 20 " it stuned me few second when i saw that when i was chating + studying.

It remind me of you again.

Did i celeb bday with you before? i cant remember. It regret me din't really have a good celeb with you until i cant remember i did celeb with you or not. and there are no any chance for me to celeb with u anymore even a phone call or sms to wish u u will never get it also.

Im viewing your frenster now, although i knew that it wont gonna update anymore. but there the only place i can see much of your pic and get abit near to you.

anyway, i think you should be having ur birthday party with a gang of sexy angel chick there lo.. LOL

best wishes for your birthday and again Happy Birthday to you , John Tan.

John's friendster

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