Saturday, May 05, 2007

End of April

End of April

Back Melacca last weekend, thought that can have a resting before stress for coming final exam. But end with every night went out! =_=|||

Friday Evening:
First thing done once reach melacca was cut my stupid ugly hair. so my hair is short now since dun hav any new hairstyle in my mind yet.

Friday Night:
Gathering with my alpha buddies..

GWY aka Harlow

LKS aka MuiMui

LME aka Vian aka Popo

NSY aka Siaw yin ( why she dun hav others nick name from me huh?)

Bryan Hoo aka Bryan Hoo aka Bryan Hoo

After gathering went Station3 KTV with Baoz, Cheeky, Aya, and etc etc...

who the gal beside me? ( answer bellow)

Saturday afternoon:
Changed my alpha-till-gamma spec with new OnTheMove (da brand name) spec.

Old Spec - Alpha

New Spec - Now ( My face suck~ )

Saturday night:
Baoz 21st birthday party. Meet Van, Sue, June, Aya (again ) and etc etc...

Baozilla HairyFox !

Almost Miss the shot coz the MU match that night!

That's HER! my childhood lover! Aya aka Chua Guey Ling aka Rileen aka HantuLing aka ( thinking... )

More Photo HERE!

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