Monday, May 21, 2007

Hugo Lim 21st bday celebration

Hugo Lim 21st bday celebration

to celeb our friend Hugo Lim Wei Khang for being adult this year we decide to celeb with him at sunway Summer steamboat after a quite-long-pissed-off planning in conference. Before went Summer Me, Km, Mickey, Steven , Jessica and voonfei catch the nicholas cage movie NEXT on 5pm at Sunway Piramid.

this movie so far just okay okay for me la. yeah Nicholas Cage is a professional actor and he's good but this movie story line just a bit out of our mind. i just cant accept it when there's a part it remind me of the "Hiro" in Heroes and the "Naruto". Funny right? watch then u'll know..

so after done with the movie we having our dinner at summer steamboat. Meet Hugo, Damien , Belle , Dayze and Kester there. First time went there eat the place was not bad. everything normal but just 1 thing special is they got the BBQ service that we choose the meat and give them to bbq for us then after they bbq already they will bring to our table. so notneed for us to bbq just concentrate our steamboat. but tis service got abit disadvantage. that was u need to wait quite some time if they are alots of customer on that time. That's the only wait i dun really like, wait until my stomach full already the bbq still haven come =_=

Anyway, overall this Summer Steamboat not that good from what i expect la. coz the tomyam no tom yam taste at all. the meat also just few type only. Still more prefer the SK steamboat. feeling better while eating... more space also there. must find one day go there eat again~ oh ya, talk about eat, i miss the satey celup and the siham at melacca! satay celup and siham i coming soooon!!!!

here are some of the photo and video on that night.

SUMMER BBQ & Steamboat


waiting with peace!


taking photo inside a small lif~ (mana bdayboi?)


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