Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Fuel price plan on Monday - RM1.92 or RM3 per L !!!

I'm totally surprise when i see this news.
How can it be?!
The Government really think they can do like the Singapore?
People got the advance MRT can go to many place.
If our LRT service is good and it can go to most of the place in KL/Klang Valley/Selangor, then i definitely don't mind to take the public transport.
Come on Gov, please don't disappointed we Malaysian again~

This is another news i read today,
Can i know how old is this Fern Yi?
or she really that naive? or out of her mind?
Do u think the Gov really subsiding the petrol? from Petronas? Or US oil price?
Do u know how many they earn if everyone of us pay extra RM0.10?
Do u know how hard to earn money now? guess u don't know because you still a student.
We are not the one who take it for granted but is THEY are the one who did that.
Please think twice before you submit this kind of article to any press-media.
It make yourself so "un-knowledgeable" and shame on you-self only.

If the petrol increase to RM3 , i gonna see how you reaction as a student~
Allowance increase from dad because of Petrol price? good for u then.


Anonymous said...

stay calm...
haha, public transport in Malaysia is like a nightmare...

Anonymous said...

i've never been to KL but wait til you see and experience the public transports in Manila, Philippines.. Worse! And gas prices here is good thing droppin.. that's all.. =)

KY Yap said...

say what? promote use of public transport? not sure those govt ppl will take public transport or not...
remember last time our pm experience taking public transport himself? he also beh tahan with our public transport la...

so govt ppl, don simply say arr...