Thursday, November 06, 2008

2/3 wish list 2008 completed

IF you still remember what i listed for my 2008 wishlist or may click HERE.

Yeah, i bought the PSP right before the Valentine's Day, So that i can present for pink as one of the vday present as well.
SONY PSP 2000 Deep Red Lite & Slim Limited Version

Okay, Second things is laptop.
I have been wanted to buy a new laptop since my last one get stolen.
Yeah, The DELL Studio 15 is my latest new gadget now.

Last one, the vacation.
since working now, then only realize that earn money is not that easy.
but of cause i wont be give up my vacation as well.

Work hard now on saving $$$.
I'm sure i gonna have a good vacation soon or later. =)


Pink said...

Ermm... But how come the psp is not with me now ar? hmmm hmmm...


Bryan Hoo said...

is with u all the time wat..
only tis few day i take back only ma~ haha

FredY said...

thinking about vacation? then~ hihi.. think no more than australia ^ ^ i will wait you and pink to come over ~

Anonymous said...

sea side..

hey yeah u got it!
not far away
not expensive though

let's go to
pantai klebang, Melaka :P

Bryan Hoo said...

Australia wait me save money 1st. LOL

Klabang melaka now cant walk at seaside also they construction now~ =(