Tuesday, December 30, 2008

6H Gathering 1998

I did a gathering with my primary school mate on last 2 week ago. Read more here.

But before i update those photo into my blog here.

Let me show some of the gathering which was 10 years ago first... =)

The photos was taken on year 1998 at one of my primary classmate, Poh Juan's birthday party.

The guys gangs and the girls gangs, can you find me? I'm handsome when i kids. haha

The above 2 photos are celebrating my sister's birthday in class. 16th October 1998.

Yup. me same class with my sister. Weird? ^^
The class photo with all ours 6H class's teacher

Still got some of the old photos but all are the hardcopy.

Maybe find one day i scan all the photos can put here again. =)

Till here before end, i wanna say: " I seriously miss those time! " =(

10 years later....... [ to be continue ]

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Rileen Aya said...

wat the helll so potong stim one!!!

happynew year btwww