Thursday, December 11, 2008

Fish Tank

My boss asked me to decorate the fish tank because im the one who sit beside the fish tank.

he gave me RM50 budget the decoration.

and this is the result:~

my decoration skill still not bad right? ^^

p/s: cant see fish? because haven put into the fish yet. XD


FredY said...

*pengsan* i was looking looking looking looking at the fishes...

Anonymous said...

we got fish tank toO! hehe. I'll show you mine when I update in my blog. =P

David Roy said...

The pump and filter combo I have now just leaves the water murky and with the vibration noises it sounds loud for an impellar pump. I'll keep looking and try go to an aquarium over the weekend to see if I can find a nice silent one like my father used to have.