Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Brother and Mum's birthday

Last last last weekend went back melaka to celebrate my only brother and my dearest mum birthday.
From left: me, bro's gf, bro, mum, dad;
down from left: gf, sis, sis and mum.

cameraman: sis

too many sisters. LOL

p/s: As u can see i always write my blog entry starting with "Last last last weekend.." , this is because i still haven own a camera yet. So, it's always take time to take photo from others. That's why my blog always late update. =.="


Jamy Fong said...

happy bday 2 ur mum n bro..^^

Rileen Aya said...

is dat mayway beside pink? O_o

Bryan Hoo said...

that's my youngest sister ahhh
mayway is the cameraman haha

FredY said...

wah.. can not recognize ah qi oredi.. oh mayway not in the photo..

Hugo Lim said...