Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Smiley Moon

Yesterday night, many of my msn friends ask me to go out see the moon.
I wondering why then go out and see, but i cant see the moon!!!!
my house is surrounding by those building and condo =.=|||
Some said is the moon with 2 stars ,
some said is the moon with the planet Venus and Jupiter,
Anyway, Im not sure about that also.

Note: Thanks voon fei for the photo =D


Thouamilia~ said...

paise la... then i put back lo.. :(
anyway got to thank u also..
really nice the smiley moon..

Anonymous said...

nice shot...
but my bro say the eye 1 big 1 small de..

whatever said...

the 2 stars which represents the eyes 1 is the planet Venus and Jupiter la~

Anonymous said...

hehe! bryan!! i took that pic too!!