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TM give up MMU?!

TM give up MMU?!
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最新劲爆消息!大马电讯公司极可能放弃多媒体大学!据马电讯公司,他们想通过职员的贷款及售卖与电讯没有直接关系的公司资产。当中就包括了搞教育的多媒体 大学。他们打算通过这样的新理财政策为公司“解冻”14亿令吉(RM1.4 billion)!至于单单放弃多媒体大学可以为公司节省下8千万至9千万令吉 (RM800 million to RM900million)。对于职员贷款事项,马电讯高层保持乐观的态度。至于要寻找大学的收购者就有一点头痛。这不是一个全新的政策,马电讯之前已经 采取了节制政策。主要就是斩除所有不是生意利润主要来源的资产。可以看见的就是之前将整个马电讯塔售卖予ABS Berhad。

节省下来的钱主要就是想大力注入一个提升上网及伺服中心的巨型计划,high-speed broadband (HSBB)!马电讯的新目标就是进军电线电视市场。主要是模仿美国第二大型的internet service provider公司的发展趋势。这公司主要是提供电子游戏、电子手提仪器e时代用品。

若马电讯真的放弃了多媒体大学,相信这所大学的发展肯定会大大的受影响。第一就是在资金方面就成了一个问题。一个这么大的靠山放弃了多媒体大学,以 后的路肯定更加的难走。而最近闹到全院校的IT fees 风波也许就是因为这个内幕消息早前已经传到多媒体大学高层。这是为以后铺路吗?还是只是暂时应急?多媒体大学还可以向以往这么风光,继续被称为数一数二的 私立大学吗?希望这些高层的安排不会影响到学术上的发展咯~哎

Business Times
Campus Chronicle

TM plans to raise RM1.4b: Morgan Stanley

TELEKOM Malaysia Bhd (TM), the country's dominant phone company, plans to raise as much as RM1.4 billion from the sale of its staff loans and non-core assets, Morgan Stanley said in a report.

"The disposal of staff loans from the group's books could free up RM500 million, and the Multimedia University disposal could unlock another RM800 million to RM900 million," wrote Navin Killa and Gary Yu in the report after meeting the management last month.

Based on TM's 2007 annual report, its staff loans amounted to RM509 million, with a yearly interest of about four per cent.

"While management remains optimistic on the disposal of staff loans, the group is struggling to find a buyer for the university," the duo noted.

The non-core asset sale, if it does take place, will be the second time this year the company has sold assets to raise fresh capital.

In January, TM raised some RM1 billion by selling Mena-ra TM, Menara Celcom, TM Cyberjaya Complex and Wisma TM (Taman Desa) to Menara ABS Bhd.

TM will need between RM1 billion and RM1.5 billion a year to fund its high-speed broadband (HSBB) project.

A senior government official who spoke to Business Times on condition of anonymity said that the HSBB project is intact and an agreement is scheduled to be signed this month.

The agreement between TM and the government, which was earlier scheduled to be signed this week, was postponed.

Energy, Water and Communications Minister Datuk Shaziman Abu Mansor was to represent the government at the signing.

UBS Investment Research, in a Monday report, said that some of the capital expenditure by TM might be replaced by investments into the project.

"We expect further clarity on HSBB over these two months to alleviate investor concerns," wrote Shirley Tse in a report.

The HSBB project allows TM to use its fibre optic network to beam broadband connections speedier than what is being offered by wireless network providers, as well as provide cable television connections.

It is understood that TM is looking to provide cable TV facilities similiar to that of the US' second largest internet service provider, Comcast Corp's G4 station that focuses on games, gears, gadgets and gigabytes.

From : Business Times

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