Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Cave & Extra

Went to The Cave( The couple club restaurant at ss2) celebrate Angel birthday.
Once u go inside u totally have the cave feel.
For me, the environment inside really nice. all the cave stone around you.
but the food there, was not so okay for me. look nice but not delicious.

those photo was not taken by me. i grab from others blog here.
Actually i did took some picture with my hp camera but the photo quality is totally blur.
u see u see ...

what to do, i don't have any SLR or any camera. i think i gonna buy a camera d. *if i got extra extra money


Brought a marvel cartoon dvd, "The Ultimate Avengers". Story about how the Captain America came from and how he lead a gang of SHIELD heroes to save the world. not bad.

Cant wait to watch the coming soon Marvel Avengers, the real-action movie. ^^

And yet, brought a sets of Japanese comic, "梦幻战车". The story about how the main character drive the Lamborghini Countach LP400 and meets & race with all those famous sport car 1 by 1. like Porsche 911, Ferrari, Dino, Corvette...

Extra Plus,

me and pink at the First World Hotel Genting.


Anonymous said...

Used to pass by that restaurant for few times edy, pretty nice outlook but wondering whether the food worth me to have a try or not... Now i get it edy... kekeke ;)

Bryan Hoo said...

haha food not that good la..
environment nice only~ =)