Monday, July 14, 2008

Bye Bye teddie blog

This is the New Layout!

Not much design yet coz home don't have internet so only curi-curi steel some free time in office and update edit modifly the blog.

See the header image above? Actually my idea of this idea is to make out a photo-story-blog, comic-blog, eh... i also no idea how to call it. but the idea is i will change the header every week or everymonth ( if i free to make it ) the every next image got their own meaning inside. or maybe continuous story. Hope i can make it. ( trying to walk to design area now. )

About the design, i think most ppl will prefer more to my previous 1 ( image bellow ) the teddies blog.

"teddies are better than pots of gold", that's my previous blog design.

Anyway, i will try to update and improve more about this new layout once i free.
Coz now busying with the online advertising banner.
For whose anyone who know about online advertising or interesst about it maybe we can share some idea together? comment me =)

okay, gonna back to work now. update more soon!

p/s: i need more time to design my blog. it's still look........... not nice la!

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