Wednesday, July 30, 2008

MMU supplementary exam need to paid?!


The President said, the Board of Directors (if I not mistaken) had already agreed to impose a charge to those who are taking supplementary examination. When ? Effective immediately. Means, who ever fail in any subject, for this trimester final examination, in general they are going to take supplementary examination for the next trimester. When they take it, means, they must pay. The method of payment, either before or after supplementary im not sure. Most probably, I do think its lump sum together with other fees on the same trimester as the supplementary examination.
How much the students have to pay ? As far as I know, it is 30 % of the fees per subject. For example, if the fee of "Engineering Mathematics 1" is RM 700, then 30 % means the student have to pay additional of RM 210, which will be creditted in their fees, if they take supplementary examination. Of course they can choose not to take it, but yet, they fail and have to retake the subject again. Retake means, pay the full fees again. Im sure that the MMU will make announcement about this soon.

I'm not sure this news is real or not. but it seem like 80% look like real.
Unless MMU make announcement on bulletin then that time sure many student &%$#%$#^%$#^%&^^%.

Anyway, Good luck to MMU students!

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