Monday, September 08, 2008

Merdeka + Birthday Celebration

On 30th Aug Merdeka Eve, Hugo came along from Penang so we have a meet at Pyramid Sushi Zanmai together with Wendy,WaiSeng, Damien, Belle and Keatmeng.

we "act" to fight for the Unagi Sushi. Directed by Hugo Lim.

Merdeka Day, lunch with bloggers friend jason,simon, waiseng and karena at Pyramid Sushi Zanmai again =.="
And knew more new bloggers friend sandra, grace ,joseph and cheewei.
Thanks karena and waiseng for brought me a chocolate banana cheese cake for early celebration of my birthday. =)

me jason and simon

me with chocolate banana cheese cake

group photo outside Sushi Zanmai before jason leave us

After lunch we actually went for Baskin Robbin 31% discount. I don have the photo so takda photo here. p/s: I like World-Class Chocolate favorite. ^^

The next day, 1st of September.
Here we meet again Gary organized Lunch at Delicious KL.


After lunch, we went for Money No Enough 2 movie at TGV KLCC.


Not bad la the movie. Funny and Touching. Somebody cry in cinema. LOL

On my birthday, 2nd of September.
As i mention on previous post entry, received many friend wishes except my 3 buddies friend never wish me. i asked them the next day they said:" we purposely dont want wish u 1!" wtf =.="......

okay continue, since my birthday not merdeka day no public holiday so a usual went to office with normal wear.
And there's a rule for my company, every stuff who birthday sure will celebrate in office with everyone.
I'm scared today because before i did kacau them with their face on the cake while their birthday celebration, so now is their turn to revive! OMG!

my cake from company

no more forever 21. T__T


yup. that's all for the photo in office. wuahaha
don't expect me will post up my ugly-bullied photo here la.. LOL

gf organized dinner for me with some bunch of friend at Pick n' Brew 1Utama.
food okay la but servies hmmm.. not that good for me~ They said the coffee nice but i don't know never try that. U might try it and let me know how nice or not nice. =D

Cabonara again?!

Thanks gf for the celebration organization and the present =)

As usual group photo after makan.

Went for movie "Death Race" but before that we played this:

Table Football!

And of coz, me and KY one group and we are the super champion there. Never Lose ! =D
then after played table football , then went up to played racing game then catch the movie.
p/s: Death Race not bad movie. can go and watch in cinema. =)

3rd September,
lunch with Kaiseen at Sercet Recipe.
wanted to belanja her cake because i ter-FFK her lunch on her birthday last week.
but manatau end with she belanja me cake pula.
by the way, thanks kaiseen for the cupcake. =)
p/s: please let me belanja u back next time k!



Anonymous said...

happie belated birthday Bryan.. =) did noe was ur birthday..

Anonymous said...

blady hell, all 4get me liao T.T
left me alone in US