Friday, September 12, 2008

Don’t Paint Your Car, Tape It!

Normally when you get bored with the colour of your car or it needs repainting, you would send it to a paint shop where it could take weeks, thousands of ringgit and no guarantee that you’ll get back everything as it was, except with a different colour of course. That’s what you and I would do, but when a BMW 335Ci owner in Munich Germany got bored of his black coupe, he sent it to be wrapped in white tape. Two days later he drove home in his refreshed “Alpine White” coupe, coupled with an M3 lookalike black roof.

Apparently the German military has been using the process for some time now. The idea is also popular with race teams and taxi companies where a continuous change of colour is part of business and respraying the car could prove to be very costly. Available in a wide choice of colours, the tape is thick enough to protect the paint underneath from stone chips and other scratches. It can also be left adhered to the surface of your car for 3-4 years without damage. Peeling off is not a problem either as the tape is able to withstand an automatic car wash.

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Anonymous said...

Yo bryan!

eh very cool post la.i know about vinyls n all la..but had no idea this could b done to the whole car lol.

btw im in india now.alot of interesting stuff to blog about! :)

Unknown said...

ur daddy hv to add this taping service oso lo