Sunday, September 28, 2008

Painted Skin Movie

Hey, don't even think that i posted out all this movie photo here that's mean a NICE movie lo~
Went to watch this Movie "Painted Skin" yesterday night.
First, was thinking this movie starring by Donnie Yen , should be a very nice fighting aka action movie.

But while watching this movie in cinema, oh gosh.. is totally not like an action movie at all.
for me is more to a very lame love story between a human and demon.
maybe you guys will said that a romantic story but no no no totally no for me with this kind of romantic-shit story line. I preferred the Titanic romantic more lo~

Anyway, these just my review bout this movie lo..
totally rank D or 1 star out of 5 stars or 2.0/10.0

or in another word to describe this movie = SIEN~ -.-

Don't believe me? go try and watch!
*No worth it to watch in cinema, better watch in pasar malam DVD!


Abby Heng said...

Hey who said? yday me n KY go watch de leh...both of us also think this story not bad...damn nice wei....Angel also said not bad...ishhh....i gif 4/5 sial....nice nice..haha

Bryan Hoo said...

ky said nice because of you ma
very lame la the story line
and they use donnie yen to bluff ppl go cinema watch only~~
stupid show for me lo~

Anonymous said...

i think the story line is quite good as the title edi set ter call liao is quite good among all the liao zai movie,u set the wrong expectations at the beginning d i think cz u tot is kind of fighting movie...tis is my opinion lo~ anymous here :p

KY Yap said...

Ya, i aslo think that the story line was good. I'll rate 4 out of 5.

Bryan Hoo said...

eyer u all so bad taste 1.
should watch more movie la u all LOL
just my personal review of the movie la why u guys so serious? haha

Bryan Hoo said...

to anonymous: what liao zai ?? =.=a?

Angeline Choo said...

wah sure or not that bad? oops.

XCB said...

i think it's a good movie
definitely not an action-pact movie
"Painted Skin" is a thriller centering on a vampire-like woman who eats the skin and hearts of her lovers. The film is adapted from the ancient novel "Liaozhai Zhiyi," or "Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio," written by Pu Songling in the Qing Dynasty.

so u get ur review on this movie in a wrong direction which i think don't do justice to the movie.