Tuesday, September 16, 2008

16 September 2008 History date?!

What so special today?
Not my birthday
Not your birthday
Not merdeka
Not Ahgong birthday

But is Malaysia Day!!! ( for me la)

As you guys knew about the recently politic famous news famous people Anwar!
He been claim that 16th Sept, he will get enough seat in parliament to change over the Malaysia Government.
And from the latest Star Online news yesterday night.
Anwar claim insistes that he has enough MP to form a new government today.


As my point of view,
If there are really changing government.
Honestly i don't really mind.
As long as the new government really did change to better Malaysia , solve the racist problem and give more advantage for Malaysian.

Others than that,

Today is the day launching the Brand New English Forum!!!


For your information, this is the new english forum that ONLY allow forumers to post english language in forum. So that everyone can read and understand the content.

Feel free to visit the brand new english forum at

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Anonymous said...

nice to have english forum in cari at last.