Monday, September 22, 2008


Today got a little bit free
so i update my blog a while la.

Last last week 10th September.
Went out dinner with Abby, Ky,Angel,Cliford, and gf.
after dinner then we go to the ICE BAR which we never been there before.

ICE BAR is at the The Curve Laundry Bar upstairs which inside the Century.

When we reach there, we saw the a small room which made by totally all Ice Cube around it.
So at first we just thought like it just a small coldly room only nothing special.
Then the staff there give us the big jacket. Then we looking each others and wondering :" do we really need to wear tis ugly jacket?". Anyway, we just wear it and walk inside the ice room.

Once we step inside the room, that's the only 3 words in our mind.
it was damn damn damn freaking cold inside.
and it getting cold and more cold.
then they said the room are -20 'c. OMG =.=!!!

Yeah, it really damn cold inside until it make u need go out from the room and get some warm then get back inside.

There are some of the photo i took,
the menu
this is what we ordered, the most cheap 1 and not nice at all =.=
nice right?
i think from the photo u can know how cold it was.

I think that's all for the Ice Bar photo.
actually i did took more photo in the room thought that can share with u guys in my blog but i think the camera owner delete my photo already. ish >.<

Anyway, bloggers let bring your friend go try the freeezeeeeeee!!! haha! ^^

See ya


Anonymous said...

wow...looks like very exciting and interesting...
looking forward to enjoy a drink there...

Gideon Yoong said...

wah 10 minutes per drink is quite mou liu lor.
not a place to "chill" i suppose haha.

Bryan Hoo said...

deyan: go try go try the freeze ^^
gideon : 10 min per drink ? ya meh? we drink more than 10min wor that night.

Gideon Yoong said...

the picture u took wit the terms and conditions write 1... hehe.

Bryan Hoo said...

wah so small u also can see?
actually is 40min la. u see wrong liao haha