Friday, August 29, 2008


Found this joke from my colleague.

But is in chinese version.


有 一晚,有个男人失眠,就对他老婆说"老婆我睡不着,不如我们做爱啦。做完爱我会好好睡的。他老婆就说"刁你老母!你以为我的鸡拜是安眠药阿!"第二晚,他 老婆失眠就对她老公说"老公,我的鸡拜痒,睡不着。不如我们做爱啦。做完爱我会好好睡的。她老公连忙说"刁你老爸爸,你以为我的lanjiao是无比膏 阿"

who those who understand chinese, damn funny right?!
then i tried the Google translator to convert this article to english.
it become like this :

Sleeping pills with unparalleled Plaster (18-year-old Jin)

One evening, men suffer from insomnia, his wife said, "I took my wife, as we make love啦. I would love to complete a good sleep. He said his wife," Diao your mother! I think that you worship the chicken is sleeping pills Afghanistan! "The second night, sleeping on his wife to her husband that" her husband, my chicken worship itch, took. As we love啦. I would love to complete a good sleep. She said her husband quickly, "Diao Nilao Daddy, you thought I was very cream of the lanjiao Azerbaijan"

hahaha see google translator did? see those highlighted word? Afghanistan also come out?! =.=|||
Funny word but understand right? LOL
Nevermine, now i edited it,

Sleeping pills with Mopiko(18sx)

One night, men suffer from insomnia,
he told his wife:"lao po i cant sleep, we make love la. I will have a complete good sleep after sex."
his wife reply:" Diao ni lao bu ! You think my ji bai is sleeping pills ah! "
Then the next day,
His wife having a insomia and said: " lao gong, my ji bai itch,we make love la. I will have a complete good sleep after sex."
Her husband quickly reply: "Diao Ni lao pa, you thought my lao jiao is Mopiko ah?!"

Now, everyone can understand already? Wuahahahaha

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Extra Bonus Olympic Photo ( 18sx )






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Anonymous said...

Yo mista hoo!eh not bad wor..u also part of the umaiya gang..their promotion very heavy ah..all popular blogs also have a writeup on it keke.

ur 18sx really made me laugh la..and how in the world did Afghanistan appear leh?kekekeke