Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I mess with Zohan!


Yesterday went to the "You don't mess with Zohan" movie which organized by
This is my first time take part in Advertlets movie contest, and guess what?

i win the 2 ticket for the movie.


i win this


with my creative post of the Zohan post here.
need to thanks Waiseng because of his photo helped me win the hairdyer. haha

Anyway, the Zohan movie not bad. Really Funny from the beginning till the End.
if compare with Meet Dave, i prefer Zohan. Dont really like Meet Dave.
But better don't watch in Cinema, many part cut already.


FC said...

Spiderhoo hahaha yep yep Zohan really funny also when seen uncut like here.. Just laugh trip the whole time.

Bryan Hoo said...

hannahannahannah, haha i going to buy dvd and watch the uncut part again haha