Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Getting New Domain

yeah, this is what i gonna announce.

i just brought a NEW DOMAIN!!!!

guess what domain name i gonna put?

sound lame right? haha
i did used that name since quite a long time ago.

spiderhoo is my nickname can be said that.
Everytime play any game i sure will use this name.
If u see any game machine highscore list there got this name appear then that's ME! haha

haven buy the hosting plan yet, so this will be link to my this blogspot url.
later on, once i design for my own blog already then i will buy the hostling plan and upload my own blog html code. All these gonna use some time since im not a student anymore, not much free time to do all these nowaday. haha.

Enjoy with my new ya!

p/s: this domain will be active by end of today or tommorow.


FC said...

spiderhoo eh? yeah if I google spiderhoo it's all you returning in search results... Nice unique name Bryan! Congratulations on the new Domain name ;) See you around then.

Flair Candy

Bryan Hoo said...

isit? i never google it b4. haha
thanks thanks. ur domain also not bad =)